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Time to make great coffee?

Did you know, Nespresso is the most popular coffee appliance brand in Europe? We're pleased to announce a selection of their capsule machines are now available on Yuppiechef. Exciting times. Whether you're a die-hard purist or ready to embrace the wonder of hermetically-sealed portions of Grand Cru, get the tools you need for a cup of your favourite black gold.

Nespresso Essenza Titan Automatic Espresso Machine
Nespresso Essenza Titan Espresso Machine

Nespresso's entry level model, compact in design and impressive in speed, with the well earned title of Titan.

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Nespresso Pixie Automatic Espresso Machine
Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine

Heating in 25 secs and with an infra-red water sensor, this compact machine is designed to make magic in small spaces.

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Nespresso Lattissima Automatic Espresso Machine
Nespresso Lattissima Espresso Machine

Fragrant coffee combined with textured milk at the touch of a button? Creamy and delicious coffees, coming right up.

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Le Creuset Espresso Cup and Saucer, Set of 2
Le Creuset Espresso
Cup and Saucer

Inspired by the bistros and cafés of Europe, Le Creuset's colourful sets of espresso cups and saucers are a treat.

R260 (Set of 2)
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Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Coffee Measure And Bag Clip
Kitchen Craft Coffee Measure & Bag Clip

Is it a spoon? Is it a clip? Both, of course. Keep and measure your coffee in one. Why didn't we think of this one sooner?

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Bialetti Mokacrem Espresso Maker
Bialetti Mokacrèm Espresso Maker

New from Bialetti is the ingenious Mokacrèm, designed to create smooth, creamy crema without milk.

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Bodum Pavina Double Wall Two Piece Large Glass Set
Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glass Set

Handcrafted and with double walls to keep coffee hot, they might not keep hands warm but they sure are beautiful. 

R390 (set of 2)
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Eva Solo CafeSolo Coffee-Maker, Neoprene
Eva Solo CafeSolo Coffee-Maker, Neoprene

An elegant maker from Eva Solo: ground coffee, water, a few stirs and you're there. Old school is sometimes 'just so'.

From R795
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Dreamfarm Grindenstein Knock Box
Dreamfarm Grindenstein Knock Box

The Grindenstein solves the problem of what to do with grinds with one quick knock into a sturdy, clean-easy box. 

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Six places to buy great coffee online in SA  
Six places to buy great coffee online in SA

Coffee is a defining characteristic of a civilised society, somewhere up there with wearing clothes. While many people are happy to have what's going, some of SA's top roasteries are now retailing online for their fans far and wide.
Who offers free delivery? Should you give them a try? Enjoy our list of 6 places for buying coffee online.

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