The Mooch’s friendly fire on Being Frank. Anthony Scaramucci’s trip to Mississauga to shoot Frank D’Angelo’s talk show is about to air as a two-part episode, highlights of which were likely all printed last week. Moreover, the airing was already eclipsed by Scaramucci being confronted by David Frum on Real Time with Bill Maher. A preview video of Mooch embracing his considerably more congenial host is probably all you need to see:

Journalist advocates against “weaponized” free speech. PEN Canada board member Omar Mouallem earned a National Post headline for a University of Alberta speech where he advocated for a new law to target online racists who “divide opponents on the left, humiliate them and cast them as hypocrites and unconstitutional, to clear a way for unconstitutional ideas.” The incident calls to mind Canadian Journalists for Free Expression's recent campaign to close the border to Donald Trump.  

“The lesson to take from this joke being torqued by Infowars and other alt-right nazi friends of the Rebel is they're paying attention. Game on, #TeamTrudeau.” Gerald Butts, the principal secretary in the PMO, reacted on Twitter to one @xgrunt sharing a video in which Infowars irritant Paul Joseph Watson makes fun of “Peoplekind.” The comment was picked up by Piers Morgan, who wrote a column deriding Justin Trudeau’s supposed dad joke. And the ridicule continues:

Sex-ed opponent is standing by for the Oost Boost. Tanya Granic Allen, the president of Parents as First Educators, announced her plan to run for the Ontario PC leadership if she can raise the necessary $100,000. Things like the election of young MPP Sam Oosterhoff have shown that the social conservative contingent is strong—even if its loudest mouth, Charles McVety, has already put in his lot with Doug Ford, who welcomes the new rival. For now, it’s only Caroline Mulroney who has turned her family into campaign co-stars.

National Enquirer pushes Honey Sherman ambush murder theory. The enquiring minds are sticking to the hit man narrative, highlighting Honey’s earring, found under piles of snow. This third article on the deaths would suggest the start of a long-term investment in covering this crime:

Cop accused of drinking a dead man’s liquor had nothing on Jojo Chintoh. Police are investigating one of their own, who allegedly drank on the job and smoked a cigar while guarding the North Etobicoke home of a man who had died. The tale was easily tied to one from last week, about officers who allegedly hallucinated after munching on seized pot edibles. Talk radio discussion of the incident couldn’t avoid bringing up a leaked CityPulse News outtake of its reporter hitting a bottle at a crime scene:

“I know some people don’t think of interviews as pieces of writing, but in many ways, they are.” Quincy Jones’ spectacularly viral Q&A with Vulture dropped a reference to the 1953 Jazz at Massey Hall concert. The piece got so many clicks that Columbia Journalism Review interviewed the interviewer, Toronto-bred David Marchese, about his techniques, in which he outlines the research process involved.

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A white high school teacher at a Catholic high school in Ajax who wore one in honour of Black History Month got the media attention you'd pretty much expect.

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