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Ardiel Cider House - Dry Cider

This weekend, we have something different from a traditional wine – a hard apple cider. It may sound like we are trying to compare apples to oranges (or grapes), but ciders are classified as wines in Ontario. Ciders, like the Ardiel Dry Cider, can express the finesse, craftsmanship and elegance of a fine wine in a different format. This cider utilizes the traditional winemaking technique of “back blending” to create a distinct and delicious cider. Step out of your comfort zone and taste the evolution of wine in this new, sophisticated cider.


Tasting Notes:  The Ardiel Cider House Dry Cider brings back a classic style with full-bodied cider flavours, balanced acidity and a vibrant fresh apple mid-palate. The finish is clean, pleasing and refreshingly dry.

Enjoy With:  Pork chops, roasted vegetables, butternut squash or all on its own as a refreshing drink.

Style:  Dry and fruity cider.

Terroir/Region:  The Beaver Valley, in the heart of the Blue Mountains, is known for its cool northerly climate where orchard farmers have been growing unique varieties of apples for nearly a century. The Ardiel family preserves and nurtures their older apple orchards to ensure that only the best goes into their craft ciders.

Producer:  Nearly a century ago, Leonard Ardiel planted the first apple trees on the family farm. Since then, his legacy has lived on through the Ardiel family with the goal of producing the elusive “perfect orchard”.  They preserve and nurture their oldest orchards in order to use heritage apples to create delicious, traditional dry ciders.

Availability:  The Ardiel Dry Cider is available year-round at the LCBO.  Don’t hesitate to pick up this fine “wine” for the long weekend!

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Price: $2.85

LCBO#:  497214

Size: 473 mL

Alcohol Content: 6.0% alc./vol.