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August Community Update

Deployments of the Week

For over 2 years, we have been recognizing Map Projects as Deployments of the Week. Maps for Crisis, election monitoring and civil society work (anti-corruption, harassment and environment action) continue to be your top map projects.  Some other types citizen maps include those for budgets, food sharing and city-building like Laktalan (Urban Decay in Hungary).


Food Sync - Sharing in NYC

Monitoring Budgets in Nigeria

Social Coding 4 Good

Angela Odour, Aloita Sharma, Dave Brown and Heather Leson

At OSCON, we launched a new program with Social Coding 4 Good. Ushahidi's community has many self-starters and civil society groups with low technical skills. Plus, we have a number of ways to Get Involved for Technical folks. This program will help build our software developer community. Looking for ways to get involved? See our wiki for details by skills and ways (including Github tickets.)

Data Science For Good!

Data science is often called the “next big thing.” We hear about it all the time, how data scientists are able to predict election results and the careers of sports players. But what is it, really? Forget the formal definitions and long winded explanations. Data science is about telling stories with data. Those stories could be about what causes you to click on an ad or what causes you to vote for a candidate. The tools used to tell those stories vary from the very complex — like data mining — to very simple — like a bar chart. The point is this: data science is about using data we have to say something about the world around us. It is that simple.

At Ushahidi, we are looking at ways of using data to help crisis response efforts. As a step in that direction, we are looking for databases and datasets containing crisis relevant data. Have a source of data you think would be relevant to disasters? Have a cool dataset you’ve been holding onto? We want to hear from you! Reach out to Chris at chris+datahunt AT Ushahidi DOT com

Fellowship of the Map

Are you a hybrid? Do you speak maps, hacks and data? Well, the Knight Mozilla OpenNews Challenge might be for you. There are just a few days left to apply (August 17th, 2013) to be build great stuff with Internews and Ushahidi.

Want a taste of what you might be working on? Hop on to the Data Science for Social Good's G+ hangout on Tuesday, August 20th.  Bring your questions.