When the air isn’t conditioned to the temperature. Spring humidity has revived squabbles about when Toronto landlords are required to cool things down—an issue that last came up in September. A city report on changing the calendar heat zone is still winding through the system. But there are enough other signs out there of overheated exasperation:

#TheElevatorGuy leaps for the condo vote. Trinity-Spadina Liberal MPP Han Dong, who has made news lately for advocating for high-rise residents who find their newish elevators perpetually out of service, has a cause that's guaranteed to be more popular than Kathleen Wynne. As a result, Dong is dropping off door hangers urging voters to prevent the death of his private member’s bill to require elevator repairs, complete with his own hashtag.

“Coon Award” contributes to NDP candidate circus. Jill Andrew, running in the currently Liberal riding of St. Paul’s, was a recurring media figure for the past few years as co-founder of Body Confidence Canada. Now, the Sun's discovery of a Facebook post critical of police chief Mark Saunders has made for the latest tabloid front page. (Andrew acknowledged the "loaded term" without apologies.)

TTC can’t get a music video taken off YouTube. Soon after spokesman Brad Ross was alerted to an internet goofball who uploaded a ditty about fare evasion, he asked for it to be removed on the grounds that it “threatens violence against TTC employees." But the video for “Nyeah Eh” is still up, even though cops are investigating—a development that the creator is advertising on Instagram.

Photographer of blackface Drake pushes removal request. David Leyes took some blackface photos of Drake in 2008, which he says the fresh-faced rapper did as a statement about "the fucked up culture he is living in." The images suddenly resurfaced when rival rapper Pusha-T used one as the artwork for a new diss track, “The Story of Adidon,” which alleges that Drake secretly fathered a child with a former porn star. The seasoned music shutterbug behind the photo now seems to be doing all he can to remove unauthorized use of his work:

“People never govern themselves. That lunacy was concocted by liberalism.” Someone noticed Canadian Business Chicks, a self-described "a community of professional and entrepreneurial women," sharing a meme with a quote attributed to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. While it was actually the fifth time the Goebbels quote appeared on @CdnBizChicks, the #mompreneur group claimed its account had been hacked, leading to what may be the most bizarre mea culpa in the history of social media:

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Parks along the waterfront now have these signs cautioning walkers about feathered aggressors.

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