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Nugget Markets “Fresh to Market” May 15, 2008

In this issue

Gourmet in a Tube

Gourmet Garden

Fresh tasting herbs and spices … in a tube? With Gourmet Gardens products, there’s no mess, no chopping and no waste — just an easy-to squeeze tube that stores easily in the refrigerator. Give these a try when making our Barbecued Pacific Oysters with Wasabi Mustard Sauce recipe!

The Scent of Lemongrass

Pacifica Lemongrass

Let the exotic, fresh scent of lemongrass fill your home with these lovely candles from Pacifica. Aromatherapists often cite lemongrass as beneficial in fostering creativity, and the scent of burned lemongrass leaves is said to help keep the mind alert.

Community Events

Nugget Markets Sponsors
Relay for Life

5/31/2008 — Join Nugget’s associates as they walk for the fight against cancer. Nugget Markets is a silver sponsor for the Greenhaven/Pocket Relay for Life, beginning at 9:00 AM at 6715 Gloria Drive, Sacramento.

Nugget Markets Co-Sponsors BeerFest 2008 - A Celebration of All Things Beer

As a co-sponsor of this fundraiser, supporting Citizens Who Care, Nugget Markets will provide our signature sausage. Citizens Who Care provides support services to Yolo County adults and their family caregivers.

May 31, 2008
2 PM - 5 PM
Sudwerk Brewery
2001 Second Street, Davis

Tickets will be available at the door for $25
or more information go to

Fresh to Market
May 15, 2008
Volume 2, Issue 10

We hope you enjoyed reading this issue of Fresh to Market. Fresh to Market is a free, bi-weekly email publication of Nugget Market, Inc.

Featured Recipes:

Barbecued Oysters


I love to barbecue Pacific Oysters! I prefer smaller-sized, but just about any size will do — for some folks bigger is better. Use ample heat and be sure to watch them carefully. As soon as they pop open the oysters are ready to eat. Shells will be hot so please be careful handling them. Make sure all of your favorite condiments are ready to go, whether you are topping them off with our Wasabi Mustard Sauce , a compound butter, or a simple squeeze of lemon and a dash of Southern-style hot sauce — barbecued oysters are to be eaten HOT off the grill! Light beers pair nicely with barbecued oysters but the best pairing by far is a light, crisp, citrusy Sauvignon Blanc. - Rachael Levine, Nugget Markets' Executive Chef

Brown Oyster Gravy

Brown Oyster Gravy

Brown Oyster Gravy is a Southern inspiration. Most notably it reminds me of the flavors of the Carolinas. Three stars imply the recipe requires a little more time and concentration, but you will not be disappointed with the results. I love to serve this gravy throughout the year as it’s great for casual get togethers or holiday dinners. Make an impact on your guests at your next dinner party and serve it with a bourbon marinated pork tenderloin or beef filet mignon.

Oysters’ Perfect Match

La Playa

For a perfect pairing to accompany our recipe for Barbecue Oysters, try a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. We suggest the La Playa Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. This pale, yellow-green wine has an intense floral nose and aromas of lime and pineapple. Its fresh, well-structured palate shows lively acidity, with a long, pleasant finish and just a touch of sweetness.

Nugget Wine PressPick up a Copy of the Wine Press

For more great Sauvignon Blanc suggestions, perfect for the warm summer weather, pick up a complimentary copy of our latest edition of The Wine Press, now available in our stores.

Health Notes from Dr. Liz:Dr Liz

Ode to Oysters

These delectable sea creatures are from the family of mollusk that includes the likes of abalone, clams and scallops. Folklore describes raw oysters as a potent aphrodisiac and an enhancer of virility. While science fails to back up these super claims, oysters do pack a hefty dose of key nutrients. Best known for their high content of the mineral zinc, you can get more than 300 percent of your zinc needs in six medium oysters (raw or cooked). Zinc is vital for a strong immune system, wound healing and physical performance. Studies show that many people fail to get adequate zinc in their diets, which may contribute to chronic feelings of fatigue.

A serving of oysters also contains only 60 calories, with good-quality protein and an array of B vitamins including B12 — necessary for healthy blood cells. And if you are concerned about cholesterol, oysters have a mere 55 milligrams — less than a three-ounce serving of skinless chicken. Select fresh oysters that are tightly closed. Use a strong small knife to cut and pry open at the hinge — ask at our meat counter if you’re a first time “shucker.” Use oysters as appetizers, or cooked in pasta dishes, salads and seafood stews.

Liz Applegate, Ph.D.

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