Your Community Strategic Plan - Time for a Review?

Did you know that Blackadder Associates have assisted a number of Councils with the preparation of their Community Strategic Plan?

We have a number of associates that specialise in this very important element and foundation IPR document and are able to assist your Council with getting it underway- whether that be a review or a ground up revisit / rewrite.

How Blackadder Associates can assist

One of our unique and economically friendly approaches is to undertake an initial deep dive into available / existing documentation (plans, surveys, engagement activities, project research, and other agencies’ strategic documents) which then leads to a research paper that is based on what is known about the community, their aspirations and long term direction. This is followed up with a fast track community engagement process which fundamentally “checks in” on the data produced through the research phase, followed by the preparation of a draft CSP for the Council to consider.

The advantage of engaging Blackadder for this type of work is that it relieves Council staff of the significant amount of resource intense work that is required, while enabling internal team / staff members to become expert partners and advisors to the project - this can be very advantageous, especially where resources are constrained.

If you are interested in talking with us about your CSP, please drop us an email or call us, we only have a few spots available for this type of work during this busy year.


We Bring a Particular Expertise

Our team bring fresh and innovative ideas; professional, independent advice, and smart, practical solutions. We have a broad depth of local and international experience and specialised skills that can help guide, manage, train, counsel, support or strengthen any team of staff or councillors to 'unpeel their potential'.

Give Stephen Blackadder or Helen Lever a call on  02 8765 1200 to discuss how we can help you with your programme. 




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