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1 July 2016 - Question 11: uncertainty

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We were pleased to welcome new members to the Cambridge Mathematics team recently which has meant we can extend our networks further and benefit from some high quality in-house expertise, as well as widening the large community we continue to consult across the world. Our research officers are continuously writing and reviewing and to this end we are now regularly publishing papers in the new section of our website called Research base.

We have been focusing on writing the Cambridge Mathematics Framework in a careful and robust manner, consulting researchers and asking deep questions as we go through the process. We would be delighted, as always, to hear from you through our website, Twitter or email if you would like to talk to us.

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Question 11 - Uncertainty

We’ve been playing around with different digital representations of our thinking, aiming to achieve something that illustrates the connections within and across themes. We’ve got quite a long way with Geometry/Dimensions/Measurement and Probability/Statistics. This latter seems to be fertile ground for opinion and we’d be interested in your thoughts on a couple of issues.

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We have almost completed the geometry and dimension part of the Framework and have been looking at innovative ways to provide an interface to our work, to help record the connections between concepts and experiences. We have had many productive visits – both outgoing and incoming – with experts, including a Mathematical Modelling seminar held at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences with Geoff Wake from the University of Nottingham.

Mathematical salad

We continue to travel internationally, with trips to the Czech Republic, Japan and Estonia in the last few months. We have also been busy writing topical, research-based blogs around current issues in mathematics education in England – click these links to read some of our ideas on curriculum comparisons and using fingers to do mathematics. All these blogs are being collected together on one page on our website called Mathematical salad.

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