We need to talk about Kevin O'Leary. The flap over the Conservative leadership candidate’s use of private planes (to get to events he won’t attend if they raise less than $50,000) further validates the idea that he's in this thing to win—even if it burns the rest of the party down. His past outrageous statements are ignored by journalists who see the showbiz. And his French is coming along:

Young Justin Trudeau owes it all to Twitter. A 20-year-old woman in Fort Myers, Florida appears to deserve credit or blame for tweeting old photos of the lusty prime minister, whom she’d even thank even if he ran her over with a semi. The memeing became fodder for every major American ladymag—and also one for the fellas. As Trudeau pounds the pavement ahead of the April 3 by-elections, he can count on the Toronto Star to spend more ink on how he's leaving “international media breathless.”

The province gets some props on a sports blog. While premier Kathleen Wynne plays around with hydro prices, her nascent labour law reforms have caught the attention of Deadspin's Hamilton Nolan, who wishes in vain for similar humanity stateside. “Instead we will encourage ignorant people to harass their Middle Eastern neighbors while Canada of all places eats our f’in lunch,” he writes.

Are end times near for the teenage MPP? Tony Quirk will see Sam Oosterhoff next Tuesday in an unusual Niagara West-Glanbrook meeting, where Ontario PC party members will decide whether the older of the two is better suited to run in the next provincial election. “It is a pretty clear choice between experience—political, life and business experience—versus no experience,” Quirk tells the St. Catharines Standard. Sam's brother, Aaron Oosterhoff, whose recent $50,000 crowdfunding campaign to save Sam was halted over legal concerns, is now hunting haters critical of Sam's homeschooled right-wing views.

CBC is standing its ground against Subway. Marketplace, recently assailed for selling racist T-shirts, has fared better with a fast-food test that revealed the chicken at Jared Fogle’s former joint is half soy. Subway brass fired back with its own analysis and statement: “The allegation that our chicken is only 50 per cent chicken is 100 per cent wrong.” The lab at Trent University that did inspections of multiple fast-food sandwich samples for Marketplace asserts that DNA testing can’t lie. This vague Twitter retaliation from the sandwich chain will only drive more eyeballs to the CBC:

“It’s incredibly bizarre all this attention on the logo.” Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson thinks furor over the city's new wordmark, acquired for a lowest bid of $8,000, is “the most absurd line of questioning" he's ever heard. Nonetheless, the dull design has been put on hold after an open letter from the city's designers, which cites Montreal (but not Toronto) as an example of graphic design worth emulating.

Mark Steyn will see the Conservative Review in court. Soon after the cross-border pundit did a live taping at the Manning Centre Conference in Ottawa—with musical guest Tal Bachman—he was terminated by CRTV, which included The Mark Steyn Show as part of its starting lineup in December, and signed a deal with him through mid-2021. Steyn says that the full story will come out on Monday.

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A St. John's children's bowling team was disqualified after a seven-year-old boy wore some of these during a tournament. Now, it seems they'll get the gold, anyway.

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