“Well, now we’re having a conversation!” Sophie Grégoire Trudeau was likely just being herself when she suggested that women upload photos with their Justin-esque partners to commemorate International Women’s Day. You know things are going sideways when a block of text appears on Instagram:

Sam Oosterhoff will be a real politician, at least until he's 20. A rematch initiated by Niagara West-area city councillor Tony Quirk was handily won by “Doogie Howser, MPP.” Ontario PCs, oddly, publicized the fact that Oosterhoff received three times Quirk's nomination votes—possibly to appease the Campaign Life Coalition, which believes the nomination challenge was somehow about “the liberal-progressive culture of death.”

Rob Ford crack scandal movie gets the best endorsement possible. “You’ve got to be kidding,” was Doug Ford's first reaction to the trailer for Filth City. Then he called the filmmakers "scumbags." After a fraught Hamilton shoot in fall 2015, the film garnered little attention until recently. Now, its existence is a talk-radio topic. The quality of the movie remains to be seen, but at least its makers didn’t skimp on the artwork. The poster was designed by Tom Hodge, who literally wrote the book on VHS video cover art.

The Sam the Record Man sign is being remounted before everyone forgets why. A decade after the 347 Yonge store closed, work is about to begin on installing the spinning neon discs atop the Toronto Public Health building (across from the future final resting place of the Honest Ed’s sign).

Today's edition of 12­:­36 is brought to you by the Gardiner Museum, which will get funny on March 15, as Rick Mercer and Sabrina Jalees kick off a series of conversations hosted by Globe and Mail columnist Doug Saunders. For tickets and more information on Canada Recast check this out.

Canada’s retro-graphic-design renaissance has found its crowd. A crowdfunding campaign to finish a Design Canada documentary about vintage visual symbols is closing in on its goal. Also looking for funding: a reprint of the 1974 CBC Graphic Standards manual. (We'll soon find out if the thousand people who covet it will pay up.)

Former CP24 weatherlady pursuing new career as a pro-Trump pundit. Jill Colton left Bell Media in January, relocated to Jupiter—that is, the one in Florida—and changed the tenor of her tweeting from talk about weather to agitating against special snowflakes. (Her plan is to make money from it.)

Khizr Khan mystery turns into a cold case. The Gold Star father and prominent Donald Trump critic cancelled a planned Toronto speech because of unspecified issues with his "travel privileges." The problem: immigration experts have no idea what he's talking about. Trump supporters blame a CTV News producer for sharing an unverified statement.

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Mayor John Tory says he won't fall for these tactics as he tries to make the Scarborough subway extension a reality, despite mounting opposition.

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