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What if?

When the Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs Forum in Ontario approached us about a better way to manage Crown forests in their territory, we started with this question. What if the local economy could be managed for ecology, economy, and equity? What if forestlands were managed for economic values in addition to timber? What if a conservation economy could be achieved for this place?

Working with First Nations and municipal leaders, forestry companies, community members, and elders, we set out to explore and model the long term consequences of more holistic forestland management. 


Chas Fritz joined Ecotrust Canada’s Knowledge Systems team in 2014, bringing a wealth of GIS experience to the organization. Through projects in the Northeast Superior region and with the Shxw’ōwhámel First Nation, Chas has seen the real contribution that maps make in supporting community-based planning and decision making.

"Mapping makes information tangible and practical. Our work helps communities use that information to empower people and drive change."


The Northeast Superior project is a great example of the way Ecotrust Canada works. Drawing on our experience in community dialogue, mapping, forestry, and resource economics, we were able to ask and then answer the question “What if community and environmental health were considered valid forms of wealth in the design of our economies?” 

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