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Homegrown Showcase-Giving Thanks

E4E Farm Incubator at Scatter Creek Farm and Conservancy

What a blast! 150 people feasting under two grand oak trees, gazing on a new crop of Enterprise for Equity entrepreneurs and enjoying amazing sunny fertile land in the background. The farm was beautiful and we missed those of you who could not join us.
We thank those of you who attended. It was truly an inspiring day that was made possible through the generous support of our local partners and the dedication and hard work of our graduate entrepreneurs.  Enterprise for Equity’s Homegrown Micro-Business Showcase held September 14, 2014 at our new Incubator Farm in Rochester, Washington was an absolute success! 
Senator Karen Fraser shared rich perspectives on the importance of growing small businesses and the power of entrepreneurship. Our entrepreneurs shined with presentations of hope, strength, clarity and clear paths to prosperity. Enterprise for Equity proudly graduated 24 Entrepreneurs including Sneaky Snacks, MIJAS, Obsidian, Jays Concessions and MORE! 
Fresh local salad with greens and veggies from four local farms nourished us along with Tamale Fusion’s incredible tamale pastales with their hibiscus and black teas and Nineveh’s mouthwatering baklava and rice pudding – all delightful!
Thank you to all who participated in this incredible event, and Congratulations to our Graduates!

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Thank you for celebrating with us, please join us again in November! 

all images of Homegrown Showcase by Ella Pultinas

E4E Graduates greet guests and proudly promote their businesses

Celebrating our entrepreneurs! 

Training Director Beth Oppliger and Senator Fraser raffle off our graduates incredible products and services

Touring the magnificent Scatter Creek Farm and Conservancy

Executive Director Lisa Smith leads the group in a dedication of E4E's Farm Incubator 

Our amazing graduates hard at work making community connections!

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