Premier accuses Doug Ford of being “reckless,” like he’s never heard it before. Kathleen Wynne says Ontarians don’t want “cannabis sold next to candy bars," after Doug, the Ontario PC leader, wondered why not. His platform, which will likely focus on cutting the costs and size of government, will surely earn him another scolding from the premier. But the Liberals may want to think twice before they bring gender politics into the mix: history has shown that DoFo gets no less defensive when getting grilled by a man.

Jagmeet Singh’s separatist support dilemma. A second video has surfaced of the federal NDP leader in the company of people aggressively calling for an independent Sikh state. All of this has seemingly vindicated CBC's Terry Milewski for grilling Singh about his lack of clarity on this very issue. Ujjal Dosanjh, the former B.C. premier and Liberal MP, is reminded of past clashes with Singh on the topic. (Singh ratcheted up the tension in a 2011 video he made with YouTube comedian JusReign.)

Video gamers learn how the local TV news sausage is made. Nitish Bissonauth, a CityNews reporter who visited the Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo last weekend, has been accused of tricking some interview subjects. What the gamers claim were posed as benevolent questions during the event ended up in a piece about the World Health Organization moving to classify gaming addiction as a mental disorder. Viewers who don’t take this personally would just see the standard routine:

Hedley might finally be finding they have a few fewer fans. Sexual assault allegations didn’t stop the band from continuing its cross-Canada tour—with just one cancelled show—resulting in news coverage of loyal fans at every stop. But a Hedley concert in Sudbury drew a sizable group of protestors. Meanwhile, the city of Thunder Bay is explaining the band's Friday evening relocation to a smaller venue that can implement extra security.

Gene Simmons won’t be high on his own pot supply. What's the perfect way for Invictus, a Canadian cannabis company, to distinguish itself from rivals? Make a “Chief Evangelist Officer” out of a rock star who spent 45 years bragging about how he’s never touched the stuff—nor even alcohol, because he promised his mother. But, seeing as how Simmons has already invested himself in the restaurant chain Rock & Brews, legal weed isn't that much of a stretch—especially when Invictus is paying him $2.5 million plus equity to oversee branding strategy about “key life foundations.”

Instagram follower drama finds Toronto artist spiking a celebrity love triangle. Jennifer Aniston is currently getting divorced from Justin Theroux, who’s now rumoured to be rebounding with OCAD drop-out Petra Collins, whose soft-focused photography feed was conspicuously unfollowed by Selena Gomez—maybe out of loyalty to Aniston. Why are these middle-aged actors entangling their emotions with 25-year-olds? There might be a clue or two in Theroux's close shot with Collins:

An embattled Coach House poet claims to have evidence of colluding exes. Jeremy Dodds’ statement about reports that he lost his role as a poetry publisher because of anonymous allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour raised some fresh questions—although Dodds tells the Toronto Star he can't divulge further details about why he thinks that a joke with a dead chicken cost him his career.

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A new ride-sharing service designed for women to drive other women is about to hit the roads of Toronto.

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