"It's really between 23 people and the 24th. We can't evict 24 tenants." Les Steiner, the landlord of 1 Rosedale Road, explained his position on the blowup that took the building's reaidents to a Landlord and Tenant Board hearing. Paul and Dot Pang are facing eviction after a long saga of alleged harassment that includes a neighbour claiming they called her “mentally ill” and a “fucking idiot.” Another tenant told the tribunal Dot was “scowling and staring at us...like her first born had just been killed.” The couple deny the details and believe their neighbours are simply uncomfortable with them speaking to each other in Cantonese.

Burrito Boyz give millennials one more reason to give up avocado. Real estate mogul Tim Gurner will forever live in infamy for saying that young people could buy a house if they didn’t waste money buying green gunk on toast. But the decision by the Entertainment District burrito joint to charge extra for guacamole, due to the current state of the avocado market, has forced them to join competitors in charging for a smear. The uproar shows just how sensitive kids today can get over 87 extra cents.

Porter Airlines finally gets protested from the right. David Miller swept into the mayor’s office in part due to his protest of a bridge to the island airport; MP Adam Vaughan still has no love for Porter after quashing their campaign to add jets. Now, it’s Ezra Levant urging people to never fly Porter again—and musing out loud if maybe there’s something a little racist about its raccoon mascot—as the airline joined a growing list of companies who’ve answered calls to block ads from The Rebel.

Reality winner in Canadian TV upfronts. Plans for the 2017-18 season have been unveiled by Bell, Corus and Rogers, with hopes that advertisers see them as safe spaces, even as cable cords keep getting cut. Suddenly, there’s an uptick in local news, partly sparked by the CRTC allowing funds once used for community cable to be steered to commercial stations. Bell Media is also trying a “social-media-first” teen talk show, Sides*, described with every dollop of content-huckster jargon that a middle-aged executive could muster.

Q107’s Canada Day concert contains no Cancon songs. The lineup for the radio station's picnic at Woodbine Park consists entirely of tribute bands. Headlining is the AC/DC tribute band Thunderstruck (whose Raleigh, North Carolina, construction worker frontman recently auditioned for AC/DC) and Connecticut-based Elton John imitators Bennie and the Jets. The others are local: Jukebox Heroes, which has just one less original Foreigner member than Foreigner itself; U2 act Desire, which isn't even the U2 act that U2 itself once invited on stage with them; Full Moon Fever, one man’s reward for resembling a fat Tom Petty; River Street Band, the Bruce Springsteen tribute that’s been around for decades; and Virtual Journey, which makes no effort to resemble the band not known for their looks. And while Bob Seger is diffident about his own past, kicking things off is a group willing to do it for him:

TTC art gets refreshed for the age of Presto. Seven stations will soon feature new wall fodder: Chester will receive elements inspired by surrounding greenery; King is getting some avant-garde lighting; Runnymede will feature cartoons “of diverse peoples”; St. Patrick will hang actual portraits of local residents; Sherbourne’s white walls will be colured by mosaics; Woodbine's bus plaform is getting a mural called Directions Intersections Connections; and in the effort to make Wilson feel like less of a dreary 1977 cavern at the end of a line, it’s getting a bunch of bright steel squiggles.

You're more likely to sit than you think. A refreshed rebranding for TD Bank finds it trading the green wingbacks for something more modernist, a decision about which chief marketing officer Theresa McLaughlin gets downright existential: "The world is changing,” she mused to the Globe and Mail. “We did ask ourselves, does this chair still make sense, using this physical item?"

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How Andrea Constand described her initial relationship with Bill Cosby on the second day of his sexual assault trial.

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