Justin Trudeau wishes for less hostile tweeters than Donald Trump. In yet another break with the American president, the PM said that politicians need friendlier social media skills. What else would attendees want to hear at an event with this name?

Tony Clement’s troubles with Instagram weren’t entirely hidden. The sextorted MP told a Conservative party official months ago that lies were being spread about him. Meanwhile, a petition out of Muskoka is asking for Clement to quit his job.

“People think it’s a museum or a Russian church.” Gabriel Talasman, a retired architect who owns 1 Bond Avenue in Don Mills, assures prospective buyers that the house is normal inside, even if its construction was compared to Disneyland:

Toronto Plaza Hotel lawyer figures the place is worth $35 million. The 199-room inn at Highways 401 and 400, which houses refugees and homeless families, is being considered for purchase by the city. Some rooms have been shuttered because of mould issues—but not all of the reviews are terrible.

How to continue getting press for being “Canadian Kardashians.” The detainment experiences of Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo, the former companions of Nigerian billionaires, led them to spend a relatively quiet year stuck in Toronto. While waiting for Interpol to clear their names, the sisters continued updating their social media profiles in pursuit of fresh international suitors. But they’re also not above doing a photo shoot at Walmart:

Douglas Rain dead at 90. A founding actor at the Stratford Festival, Rain gained wider recognition after he did the voice of HAL 9000 in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and its sequel 2010. He reprised the role in satirical tributes to HAL for Woody Allen’s Sleeper, and also SCTV

Fred Napoli dead at 82. The prolific baritone voice artist was the last person on CFRB to host a music-based show, in which he played his own songs and read his own stories. Napoli returned to Newstalk 1010 in recent years to recite “In Flanders Fields.”

Word of the moment


What a judge called former police officer Vittorio Dominelli, who pleaded guilty to an obstruction of justice charge—a result of his decision to eat a cannabis-infused chocolate bar that had been seized as evidence.

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