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Hello everyone!

Well, we are most of the way through the hard work of the year and now the focus turns again to bringing the final third of the season in to the finals with a clear mind, a strong heart and a determination to do everything required to be the best we can be on race day. This has been a season of challenges and there are still some to get through, but we are almost there. There is less than 2 months to go until State Champs 2010! Take a look at the “For the Diary” section and make sure you make a note of everything because August alone is going to be a big month for Wests. Get aboard the Red Train, because it is steaming to the finish line in 2010!

Glenda Hirsch
WARC Captain 2010

Bunbury Regatta 21/22 August

Bunvegas is the biggest non-fundraising event on the WARC calendar after States and the after-
States party. There is no more-fun place to be in August than on the banks of the inlet watching your mates win a plethora of races, knowing pretty soon you are going to be wanting to dance the Macarena out of sheer happiness (promise) in a classy local club along with the cream of the WA rowing fraternity.

The Bunbury Regatta weekend is fast approaching (the weekend of 21 and 22 August) and to make things easier for you (because that’s the awesome kind of people we are), this year the club has arranged some accommodation so everyone can stay in the same place. Excellent? Yes; yes indeed.

We have cleverly reserved a number of chalets at the Discovery Holiday Park, Koombana Bay, on Koombana Drive near the Leschenault Inlet close to town. Your handy iphone map will guide you there without trouble and it is walking distance from the regatta.

The chalets sleep 6 people and have been reserved for both Friday (the 20th) and Saturday night. The price per person is $50 per night, payable in advance to the Club (details below).

Additionally, this year the Bunvegas Club Dinner has been organised for Saturday evening at an Italian restaurant in town that is recommended to have good, reasonably priced food.

If you want to be part of the action, you need to RSVP Leanne Youngs, asap, and by no later than 5pm on Friday, 6 August at

Please let Leanne know if you need accommodation for one night or 2 and whether you are coming to dinner. Payment for accommodation must be received by no later than 9 August. Please direct deposit payment to the Club with the reference: “surname BunAccom”. If you do not pay by 9 August, you may miss out, so please do not wait until the last minute! Accommodation is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so if you are coming, make sure you let Leanne know as soon as possible.

WARC and the Aussie dollar

As you know, our great sport doesn’t come cheap. Our biggest single fundraiser every year (the Lord Mayor’s Cup) pays the Club insurance bill. The membership dues the club collects doesn’t cover the cost of coaching over a year. While we have the best club fleet in WA, the maintenance and repair bills weigh heavily on the Club’s bottom line. To keep our great Club going and to maintain our position as a centre of excellence for WA rowing, it is of fundamental importance that we are focussed on fundraising each and every year.

It's no secret that this year the Westies hosted regatta was foiled by an unpleasant spillage at Champion Lakes. The lesser known consequence of our regatta being cancelled at the last minute was that the Club lost one of its major fundraising opportunities in 2010. In 2008 and 2009 we hosted States, and while the workload was significant, the payoff in the fundraising opportunity was well worth the effort. In 2010, through bad luck, we have lost a vital money-spinner altogether.

Fortunately, the great minds of the WARC fundraising committee (Rita and Carolyn :) ) have developed a strategy to help make up some of the lost ground this year. A vitally important initiative is outlined below, which may just bring you a lot of enjoyment (!), and I am personally asking you for your enthusiastic support to help this event be a great success.


Gambling Night Fundraiser 14th August

Who doesn’t love a card night? Well WARC is throwing in a bunch of other mint gambling games as well at the inaugural WARC Gambling Fundraiser on 14 August!

Saturday, 14 August in the function room at The West Australian Rowing Club from 7pm until midnight you will be able to pit your wits against the fickle charms of Lady Luck with Gambling tables open from 7pm until 11pm. Tickets are selling at $40 single, $60 per double and includes (per person) 1 complimentary beer, wine or soft drink, plus 2 x $100 tokens.

There is a door prize to be won and heaps of guaranteed fun and frivolity throughout the night. In some crazy exchange rate anomaly, $10 will buy $100 tokens throughout the night. Cocktail hour is between 7 - 8pm and supper will be served. This is also an opportunity to demonstrate again how awesome you look out of lycra and dress up in your cocktail dress (guys – dresses are optional for you, but cocktail suits are minimum requirement).

Tickets can be purchased from:
Rita –, Glenda –, Jonesy – and Carolyn –

This event is open to your friends and family. Bring your mates, have a brilliant night out and help keep Westies afloat in 2010!


Youth Cup Results

Again in 2010, following on from phenomenal success in previous years, WARC juniors have represented WA and Wests at the Youth Cup.

TC Maguire, Sam Hughes, Phoebe Gorfin and Sarah Steger were all part of the 2010 squad and without exception did Westies proud. Well done to each of you!


Youth World Championships

Hannah Vermeersch and Matt Cochran are without doubt two of the hardest working, talented and nicest athletes Westies has the fortune of sharing a club with. In 2010 Hannah and Matt have continued their stellar journeys as ambassadors for their Club, State and Country.

Most recently Matt and Hannah left for the World Rowing Junior Championships, which this year are being held in Racice, Czech Republic on 5-8 August. Matt is in 2 seat of the Australian JM4+, and Hannah is in stroke of the Australian JW4-.

Good luck to both athletes, race hard and do us proud!

You can follow Matt and Hannah's progress (with live race updates) at

Regatta Results

No less important to us back in Perth, following the FRC regatta on 17 July WARC has now moved from 4th to 3rd on the pennant table! Woo Hoo!!

The stunning development of the men’s squad under a year and a half of Jacki Morrell’s close eye is paying significant dividends. After several seasons in which the men were very much in the shadow of the women’s victories, the Westies men came away with 9 of the Club’s 11 wins at the regatta.

There is no doubt that the mighty and long-feared WARC women’s squad will see the dividends of their preparation this season begin to pay in coming regattas. With the men and women of our club working hard and building toward States, it is looking to be another year in which the Red, Black and Gold are on prominent display. Keep training hard, working together and focussing on the team. I am looking for gold in September, and I am sure you are too! Let’s bring it home.


Club Clothing – it makes you look mint, keeps you warm and takes a whole minute off your best 2k.

Not only does Westies have the best boats, best athletes, best club-house and best views; it also has the best club branded clothing. If you are looking for some WARC branded clothing, see our super-lovely clothing officer, Jade Mitchell. Jade can sort you out with WARC vests, hats, visors, track pants etc. Its in stock now so you can look the part and stay warm at the next Champion Lakes outing.


Staminade – it makes you go (even) faster.

You work hard; you deserve to drink something that rewards you by putting the good stuff back in. The Club has a stock of Staminade sports-drinks available for purchase, really cheap. If you want a carton of vitality charged, totally legal, performance-enhancing sports drink for $20, contact Glenda asap and I will make it happen for you.


City To Surf

Nick Wakeford has created a WARC team for the City to Surf. If you’re interested in joining Nick and Amy on the next City to Surf then get in contact with Nick at


Pennant Table

UWABC - 154.7
FRC - 133.2
WARC - 96.8
ANARC - 84.6
SRRC - 79.3
BRC - 44.2
CUBC - 35.2
CLBC - 7.6
PRC - 7.4
MURC - 7.0

Next regatta: BRC Pennant Regatta at Leschenault Estuary, Saturday August 21/22

For the Diary...

Saturday, 14 August: Westies Casino Night
Saturday, 21 August: 2nd Bunbury regatta
Sunday, 22 August: 2nd Bunbury regatta – Eaton head race
Saturday, 28 August: Champion Lakes Pennant Regatta
Sunday, 29 August: Masters Regatta
Saturday, 11 September: WA State Sprint Champs
Sunday, 12 September: WA State Masters Champs
Saturday, 18 September: WA State Champs Day 1
Sunday, 19 September: WA State Champs Day 2 and End of Season Party!

And that's the lot for this month - if you have any comments, queries or flames, please send them to the Captain Glenda Hirsch at

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