Where in the world is the Ted Rogers statue? Amidst changes to the local sports ownership scene—which have furthered chatter about Rogers leaving baseball behind—comes some Reddit attention for the blank space where a statue of the man who renamed SkyDome used to be. It seems likely that the statue will return after some construction is done.

TYSSE officially joins our urban vernacular. The opening of six new subway stations north of Sheppard West comes with a long story to tell. Meanwhile, the relationship between transit and commerce continues to be tested on King Street, with complaints that the streetcar is still too crowded despite new rules limiting auto traffic. Area business owners are continuing to foment opposition.

Facebook is really trying not to be a Fakebook. Some pseudo-Quebec news websites seem to be making good coin for someone in Ukraine. Now we'll see if Facebook can live up to its self-appointed role as the saviour of democracy: Ryerson is about to use Mark Zuckerberg's money for a Digital News Innovation Challenge, while registered charity MediaSmarts is gets paid to make cautionary memes:

“I love my bowling. I still throw 10-pin, but my ball isn't as heavy. It's a nine-pounder.” Joyce Frost, a 97-year-old patron of Bowlerama West, asks CBC Toronto: “Where we gonna bowl next?” The nonagenarian fixture of the alleys at 5429 Dundas West, which is shuttering January 31 to make way for condos, explains that she was stuck on five-pin until around the time she turned 50. (Since 1983, Frost has been a member of the Toronto Historical Bowling Society.) The closure means one fewer Bowlerama, whose jingle was once a fixture of overnight radio and TV. The chain will be down to three locations, but the reservation line remains: 416-YOU-BOWL.

WestJet stopped a Christmas party DJ from playing their song. The airline known for being super-friendly met its match in 17-year-old Florida rapper Lil Pump, whose current hit, “Gucci Gang,” features the words, “Everybody scream, ‘Fuck WestJet.'" When a DJ at a WestJet holiday party tried to play the track, marketing VP Richard Bartrem managed to intercede. The bad blood has been pumping ever since Pump was banned from flying with the airline, after an intoxicated episode last summer. WestJet, for its part, doesn't regret protecting the safety of its less-drunk customers.

Anvil is selling a piece of greasy spoon history. The thrash metal band is still at it a decade after their documentary, and crowdfunding their next album, Pounding the Pavement. Robb Reiner's painting of Steve’s Restaurant, which recently closed at Bathurst and Wilson, is a tough sell at this price:

Love Actually plot recap gets a correction from a public servant. Thanks to a Twitter account that tracks every Wikipedia edit from Government of Canada computers, we know that someone at Shared Services Canada was annoyed by an article's assertion that Juliet gave Christmas-music-boomboxing Mark a “quick, innocent kiss." This anonymous hero edited the article to clarify that Juliet was “effectively cheating on Peter." (The alert was the most liked one in the history of @gccaedits.)

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Oxford Dictionaries named this the 2017 word of the year, noting it has been slow to cross the pond—although Ezra Levant wrote a book by this name in 1996.

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