Weed shortage leaves Ontario with 25 pot shops on April 1. The lack of supply to get high will result in “a phased approach” to what was imagined as 1,000 storefronts blooming at once. Those who banked on a different situation feel smoked out:

Ron Taverner didn’t want to run the Ontario Cannabis Store. But the OPP’s next top cop was offered the job, sources told the Toronto Star. Meanwhile, NDP MP Charlie Angus got dinged for hate speech on Facebook after he mocked Doug Ford’s alleged request for that pimped-out ride.

Suddenly, everyone notices that there’s still a Senate. A now-deleted tweet from Patrick Brazeau was a reminder that the Red Chamber ain’t going anywhere. However, a plan to move the Senate to a different space, during the Centre Block renovation, has been delayed due to bad acoustics in what was once Ottawa’s central train station:

Kanye West had some stuff to say about Drake. The recent Toronto beer-throwing at Pusha T was among the issues raised during a Twitter tirade from Ye, presumably initiated by Drizzy asking to clear a sample in order to stream a decade-old mixtape:

“Citing an unsubstantiated post from a crowdsourced platform as evidence is akin to citing a rumour.” The National NewsMedia Council censured the Toronto Sun over Sue-Ann Levy using TripAdvisor to report on refugees slaughtering goats.

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