September 2013 - Vol 5, Issue 3

Scaffold perSPECtives is now available!

Scaffold perSPECtives is made for large-scale experiments. Using a flexible file format that can merge dozens of Scaffold experiments, perSPECtives offers powerful graphical tools to help you manage and interpret your data. Easily categorize all the details of your samples, cluster expression profiles across the experiment creating heat maps to isolate proteins that follow the same trends, and track functional patterns in gene ontology.

Scaffold perSPECtives does all this with easy to interpret visualizations and powerful customization features.

Check out perSPECtives on the web, visit our site.

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For a description of the features, check out the perSPECtives brochure here.

Scaffold 4.1.1 is available now!

Scaffold 4.1.1 was released. Bug fixes and features can be viewed here.

Better mzIdentML support for Scaffold and perSPECtives, enhanced algorithm for quantitation with IdentityE data to better match changes in the PLGS algorithms, and improved support for MaxQuant 1.4.

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For a more complete description of these features, see the Scaffold 4 brochure here.

Precursor Intensity Quantitation

Both Scaffold and Scaffold Q+ offer support for label-free protein quantitation based on precursor ion signal intensity.

This method of quantitation is based on the principle that the area of the peaks in the MS1 chromatogram provides a measurement of the relative abundance of the corresponding peptide in the sample. This type of analysis is valuable to the proteomics researcher who doesn't want to bother with labels, tags or isotopes.


Check out our tutorial videos

We've added two new tutorial videos outlining loading data and introducing perSPECtives. View our video page

International HUPO in Japan

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Quantitative analysis with Scaffold Q+ and Q+S

Scaffold Q+
Scaffold Q+S

Analyze post-translational modifications with Scaffold PTM

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Scaffold PTM

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