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Returning to fundamentals

Hello dear reader,

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Still with me? Cool. New to me? Even better. Some thoughts:

During this first quarter of 2012, I enjoyed certain luxuries. I had the luxury of living in a great community, both geo-specific and networked, of basically good people. I was able to continue to work directly with specific good people to further my vision for AHPI. This is something I don't take for granted.

I had the luxury of getting down to work.

Many people don't think this way. That's cool. My thoughts on work are, in summary, the best way I have to describe my overall values. I think of work as a kind of formal web of projects, and projects as a kind of by-product of the lived experience for sentient beings. There are so many labels. But it's pretty basic thinking.

Returning to fundamentals is a luxury. When you hear it, during sports highlight reels, you raise an eyebrow. Aren't teams always working fundamentals? We might ask these questions were it not for how bloody hard this is to actually do. I see it as the greatest challenge to professional life. Not getting into bad patterns. I count myself as someone trying to build something here. So we have to take the time to tend to the garden as well as the plants.

We shall prioritize the active critical look at processes. We will meditate on the essence of a given problem. By diligent subtraction, we can carve out a space to maintain the foundation. We don't always have the time!

We lay a good strong foundation so we don't have to return to it with any frequency, after all. But that doesn't mean one ought not return for a look. Let's take a look, and strengthen it. That's something our professional lives have over our concrete instantiations of this principle. We can add strength to our core without major structural overhaul. 

We don't just lack the time to return to fundamentals. We sometimes lack the confidence. Or the feeling. That's why it's a luxury. It's something you have to work for, though not just toward. It's a requirement for improvement. Working on the work, if you will.

A big thank you goes to Greg Smith, a fine member of the rtraction team (with whom I share a desk in their awesome downtown Lontario office), who helped me develop It's been a resounding success:

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The direction of my extra-portrait work along three lines: fashion, spaces, and comics. Here's a new comic project in development under my Theatorium label.

Stanley Winter

In January I released my first (totally legal) art torrent. High-res art, $0. Print to your heart's content!


In February I moved into the open-concept floor of the rtraction offices.

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Next Quarterly...

In the next issue

Next Quarertly is all about partnerships. I hope to annouce some very exciting collaborations that have been brewing for some time. This will include some exciting fashion work, new comic work, and even some capital A Art. Until then.