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User Groups and Ushahidi Events

Wondering how to learn more and get involved in Ushahidi or community projects? We're hosting regular virtual community events to help you connect. These are announced on our blog and scheduled via meetup or Google + .  There are also community mailing lists (See list.ushahidi.com) and skype groups for research, community and software development. (skype: add Heatherleson)

Monthly community virtual meetups include developers, environmental and research. We'll be starting hangouts for translators and election mappers soon. Have an idea for a topical user group? Want to get involved? See the wiki and contact us.

Our wiki is upgrading. Stage 1 is now complete. The next step is to integrate the forums and the community site. It will become a one stop community hub. More next month!

All about the 0s & 1s

photo by Sean Percival

Our developer team is working on a number of big project shifts in the coming months. Join us to test, code and co-create:

Ushahidi 2.7 - There is an upcoming releasein testing mode.

Ushahidi 3.0 - We are rewriting Ushahidi from scratch.

Crowdmap - Fipping the map model, Crowdmap is in beta. Testers welcome!

SwiftRiver - We've rewritten the API!

Watch our blog for upcoming ways to get involved. We have a monthly Community Developer call (April 23rd) and a Nairobi SwiftRiver Introduction (April 25th).  See the meetup for technical events and download community recordings (wiki). 


Happy Mapping!