Exploring the trickle-down economic effects of Drake. Vice News Tonight hinged a report on consultant Gordon Hendren's estimate that five per cent of Toronto’s $8.8-billion tourist economy is currently owed to Aubrey Graham. The impact is most clearly visible on references to “The 6ix” that continue to turn up on tacky storefronts.

Will there ever be anything spelled on LightSpell? The public art installation, which is supposed to allow TTC riders to spell out words on a giant light-up display, has been inactive since the opening of the Will Alsop-designed Pioneer Village subway station last December. It's still having its fate deliberated: the TTC and the artists are hashing out principles to filter out potential hate speech.

“He’s not admitting, he’s not denying, he’s not saying she’s right, he’s not saying she’s wrong. He’s trying to close this off without saying anything concrete that anyone can hold him accountable for further down the road.” Valerie Bourne, who was the publisher of the Creston Valley Advance 18 years agowhen it ran an editorial claiming that Justin Trudeau had groped a female reporter, gave the National Post her feedback on the PM’s claim that he’s “been reflecting on the actual interaction.” Later that day, he was out for a run:

Doug Ford begins blaming others for stuff. A surge in asylum seekers was the reason for Ford's first clash with Justin Trudeau, who all but said the new premier doesn’t understand how the system operates. But Ford already knows how to wield the axe. His administration fired Ontario’s first-ever chief scientist, Molly Shoichet, with a promise to find “a suitable and qualified replacement.”

Galleria Mall’s last old-school shot at showing the World Cup. Now that city council has approved a big redevelopment at Dupont and Dufferin, this will probably be the last round of soccer games screened in a way that current Galleria regulars appear to appreciate. Before they pave over paradise, there's some timely commerce happening:

Scott Thompson comes out as the biggest fan of CODCO. Not a Fan, Thompson's first-ever comedy album (it’s now streaming), kicks off with him musing about the sort of Canadian who drinks a shandy: “A 60-year-old woman, at her cottage, who writes for The Walrus.” Lately, the Kids in the Hall member has been on a monologue tour as Buddy Cole, and he has been giving interviews where he candidly considers how much gay culture has changed. He’s also belatedly explaining an influence to Americans:

How to increase the value of a six-year-old McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries. Dave Alexander tweeted from his farm north of London, Ontario that he has put his petrified fast-food order on eBay, leading an As It Happens producer to call him for an explanation. Following the CBC spot, the 2012 meal combo offers accelerated beyond $80.

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The buy-it-now eBay price for the NFL tie that Rob Ford wore when he admitted to smoking crack cocaine—up from the $1,445 somebody paid last time.

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