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SkeenaWild Conservation Trust The Stream: Your Regional Update

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July 2015

At this time of year, kids of all ages are coming together to enjoy and celebrate wild salmon of the mighty Skeena.  Our appreciation of the ecological and cultural importance of fish begins by understanding how and where fish life exists and it's here in the Skeena where 3-10 Million salmon and steelhead return every year.

This month, watch our new video and see how industrial demands in the Northwest have the potential to destroy some of the most sensitive salmon habitat of the Skeena.  Learn about the outcomes of the RTA Hearings, the features and benefits of the #skeenawildfishingapp and how YOU can get involved in conservation. 

Watch our New Video: Our Fish

Ask yourself if you think that destroying our salmon populations is worth having an LNG transport facility on Lelu Island and Flora Bank.  The answer is simple.  All our fish depend on that habitat! 

We are responsible for the wellbeing of the Skeena and are entitled to a say in decisions that affect us.  At SkeenaWild, we collaborate with First Nations and community groups to collect and analyze scientific data and provide strategic advice in an effort to protect our fish. 

Watch our new video and sign the declaration.

Photo: Tavish Campbell


Hearing Wrap Up

On June 30, 2015, the Environmental Appeal Board (EAB) panel wrapped up its hearing into the Ministry of Environment Director’s issuance of a permit for Rio Tinto Alcan to increase its sulphur dioxide emissions from 27 tonnes per day to 42 tonnes per day. The appellants raised legal issues of bias – as an MOE employee working on the permit was being paid by RTA – and of fettering – as memoranda of understanding between MOE and RTA constrained the Director from properly considering all issues around the permitting decision. The thrust of the appellants’ argument, however, involved harm to human health and to the environment.  In both cases they said the Director had insufficient information to properly make his decision.

Read full summary here

The EAB will make a decision within the next six months.

It's not too late to support these efforts! There are still expenses to be paid and every penny counts. If you want a tax receipt, email  and let us know.


Fishing App Features You'll Love

We've built something for all you anglers that takes a ton of useful information and brings it right into the palm of your hands.  From helping to improve compliance to increasing accessibility to raising funds and awareness for conservation, the #skeenawildfishingapp is the angler's one stop guide to fishing the Skeena and Northcoast.

Learn more and get the app for FREE.

A fishing tool for fishermen (and women)
A conservation tool for salmon.



Interested in Volunteering for Wild Salmon?

Do you have a special skill or are you looking to learn something new?  Would you like to donate some of your time to help conservation efforts?  Here are a few of the projects we need help with on a weekly or monthly basis: 

~ Community Outreach (poster put-er-uppers, market meet & greeters and more)
~ Research  (work with our science experts and help to conduct literature searches, data entry and more)
~ Event Coordination (work with our project coordinators and help to make our upcoming events shine pre, during and post)
~ Admin & Data Management (work behind the scenes and help to populate and organize our data management system)
~ Fundraising (work the phones and hit the streets to help raise funds to support our work)
~ Communications (get involved with our social media, filmmaking and graphics department)
~ Maintenance (from painting to carpentry to electrical and more)


6th Annual SkeenaWild Film & Photo Contest

There are so many reasons to enter your film or photo into this year's festival.  Here are a few of our favorites:

~ Huge Audience Reach:  This year the Film Fest distribution will reach far and wide beyond communities of the North into other regions of BC and neighboring provinces.
~ Kick-A$# Prizes: The winner will take home $500 CASH plus bragging rights, category winners will enjoy amazing prize packs courtesy of this year's sponsors and SkeenaWild.
~ New Kids Category:  Kids are whizzes when it comes to technology and gettin' creative.  We can't wait to see what the Youth Under 16 category will produce.

Submit your Creative Works Here.  Do it and Spread the Word.


Rockin' the SWAG

Skeena babes are sportin' our latest ladies tanks.  Support our work and look smokin' HOT doin' it!  Shop SkeenaWild.

You don't have to live in the Skeena to care about its future.  The Skeena may be our best chance to figure out how people and salmon can co-exist in perpetuity.  We depend on supporters like you to help keep the Skeena Wild.

Donate Today.



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