Back to the future from whence Sam Oosterhoff was spawned. Premier Doug Ford fulfilled a promise to scrap the current sex-ed curriculum, which he has replaced, for now, with one from 1998—nearly as old as the parliamentary assistant to the education minister. The decision highlights what has changed in 20 years when it comes to ideological alliances:

Doug Ford will give you something to click on. Maclean’s has taken the lead with a page keeping tabs on cuts at Queen’s Park. Will Sloan, meanwhile, supplied Harper’s with a primer on how DoFo refutes that Canada is enthralled with everything Liberal.

The stealth Toronto municipal election storylines. Current city councillors Ana Bailao and Cesar Palacio squaring off in the same redrawn ward provides some municipal drama amidst the still-sleepy nomination season. But another breed might be angling to get in the ring before the deadline:

“That reality means that we must continue to take the necessary steps to focus on areas where we can win and make the tough, yet decisive, decisions about where we need to make changes.” Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey’s quarterly results rhetoric is sounding more assertive, even though the company's plans seem less specific.  

Putting the “u” back in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. The unexpected box-office success of Won’t You Be My Neighbor? has increased interest in the legacy of a CBC show named Misterogers. In the glow of renewed curiosity, Fred Rogers driving his puppeteer pal Ernie Coombs from Pittsburgh to Toronto in 1962 can be imagined as important:

Shazam! loves Toronto’s off-brand grubbiness. The first official look at Zachary Levi as the DC Comics version of Captain Marvel was shot outside what seems to be Sam’s Food Store at 399 College, at the top of Kensington Market. Shazam scholars, however, are fixated upon other details:

Rick Moranis is on the wish list for Ant-Man 3. Peyton Reed, director of Ant-Man and the Wasp, revealed how he tried and failed to get the elusive Honey, I Shrunk the Kids star to make a cameo in the first Ant-Man. After seeing Moranis being more public lately, Reed believes he could get a yes next time.

Word of the moment


Police increased patrols around the CN Tower because of a threat that was “unconfirmed, uncorroborated." Similar patrols have been spotted around Canada’s Wonderland.

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