Hazel McCallion got a $150,000-a-year job on the verge of turning 98. The former Mississauga mayor will be Doug Ford’s special advisor on municipal issues. The municipalities worried about forced amalgamations may end up scrapping with her:

“For the People” is now also about a run for the White House. Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign slogan rings familiar to anyone who hears it in Ontario. The other Canadian angle on Harris: she graduated from Westmount High in Montreal.

Tony Clement’s alleged sextortionists went by the name “Brianna Dounia.” Two men recently were arrested in the Ivory Coast for demanding €50,000 from the formerly Conservative MP, who admitted to sending his own intimate selfies to an extortionist:

The PM wants MPs to be more positive than he is. That was the takeaway from Justin Trudeau’s caucus retreat, where he did all the ranting, then advised to ignore storm clouds from other countries. But the story about the Liberals ditching candidate Karen Wang for playing race politics is still lurking.

“Video shows youth standing extremely close to elderly man while others laugh.” CBC News was derided for a tweet describing a confrontation in Washington, D.C., then followed up with more detail, which turned out to be arguably not enough context about the incident. (Still, the original cautious tweet had its deletion announced.) Meanwhile, a tweeted blunder at the Toronto Star was amusingly adjusted:

Reitman family has been declared Canada’s answer to the Trumps. The revival of Ghostbusters now includes 7-Eleven offering its stores as a place to play its answer to Pokémon Go. But the plan by Jason Reitman to take over the franchise started by his father Ivan isn’t going over well with at least one of the stars of the overridden female reboot:

Meridian pays $30.75 million to name two city-owned theatres. The building that opened in 1960 as the O’Keefe Centre, whose branding was bought by Hummingbird in 1996, and renovated into the Sony Centre in 2010, will soon be called Meridian Hall for 15 years. The credit union will also have its name on some stages in North York: the future Meridian Arts Centre was originally branded by Ford.

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