“All of us are feeling the same concern of being watched over.” CBC president Catherine Tait compared the impact of Netflix to cultural imperialism during the Prime Time television conference in Ottawa. Representatives from the streaming giant were also there, relishing their unregulated role in popularizing shows from here:

Toronto Sun comment editor isn’t serving any rubber chicken. Anthony Furey was announced as the $150-a-plate speaker at a fundraiser for the Conservatives—but this was a “misunderstanding.” So, maybe that’s one less scandal to worry about for that team of federally funded fact-checkers.

Waiting for the journalism bailout money truck. A time of staff cutbacks at hopefuls like BuzzFeed and Vice brings on essays about quitting journalism. Enter the likes of Ben Scott, a policy director for eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, who came to town to mediate a meeting about how to successfully spend promised federal funds for the news industry:

This week in the chaos surrounding Doug Ford. An apparent draft of a government bill to scrap regional health agencies, leaked by the NDP, found health minister Christine Elliott denying plans for privatization. Meanwhile, over at the Human Rights Tribunal, it was revealed that the Ontario PCs recently considered totally eliminating sex education.

James Woods picks on the homeless problem in the wrong country. Darren Calabrese photographed a man sleeping on a Bay Street sidewalk in January 2013 for the National Post. Since then, the image has regularly turned up in other places, usually without factual context. This latest appearance got over 20,000 retweets before Woods deleted it:

“Fiji Water Girl” is suing over cardboard cutouts. The day after Kelleth Cuthbert’s red-carpet serving was noticed during the Golden Globes, her image was replicated at a supermarket in Hollywood—for which she’s now suing Fiji. Ahead of her soap opera debut, the Toronto model turns to cheaper bottles:

Jodie Emery says she’s being smeared. Reporting on a history of misconduct claims against Marc Emery led to him apparently being shunned from cannabis events. But the estranged wife of the “Prince of Pot” finds herself inaccurately tied to these allegations, which are getting her cancelled.

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