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December 2014

Seasons Greetings from
The FruitGuys!

Want some fresh ideas for the holiday season? Read how to use fruit to brighten your holiday table. Plus, have fun staying fit with exercise hoops and our etiquette guide to office holiday parties.

It's been our privilege to serve you in 2014, and we wish you a sweet, ripe, and joyous holiday season.

The FruitGuys

Holiday Parties Without Tears, Part 2

office party

How to have fun, but not too much

Walk the line between having fun and having too much fun at your company holiday party. Jonanna Widner tells you how in part 2 of our “Holiday Parties without Tears” series in WorkLife.

Swap Sweets for Nature’s Candy

holiday apple

Fruit is a colorful and sweet addition to your holiday table

Tired of holiday cookies? Fruit can be a colorful and sweet addition to your holiday table. Stephanie Rosenbaum Klassen shows you how to swap sweets for nature’s candy at your celebrations in KitchenLife.


holiday apple

New study shows people who eat more fruit and veggies are happier

Life got you down? Eat more fruit! Yes, it turns out that eating more fruit and vegetables is correlated with higher levels of well-being. Miriam Wolf reports on a new study in Health.

Hoop to Health

woman hula hooping

Fitness hoops are a great workout—and a fun DIY gift project

Hula hoops have been reborn as weighted fitness hoops that can help you get fit and lose weight. An hour of hooping can challenge you almost as much as a boot camp class of the same duration. Miriam Wolf reports in Fitness.

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