Bacon and eggs. Cookies and milk. Science and art?
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Democratizing Our Data


Bacon and eggs. Cookies and milk. Science and art?

Perhaps that last one isn’t a classic combination – yet. But it’s not for lack of effort. Data scientists and designers are embracing, with great results, the happy marriage of these two disciplines, bringing greater understanding to the world around us.

Data visualization throws an artistic light on rigid science, illustrating cold, hard, data in ways that everyone can understand and appreciate. Add some online wizardry and you’ve got charts and maps that come alive, inviting you to explore information that is otherwise unappealing.

At Ecotrust Canada, we’ve embraced data visualization wholeheartedly. From our mapping roots to newer web technologies, we’re exploring ways to make information accessible and understandable to the people who need it most.

We invite you to check out our most exciting creations.


As our fisheries data specialist, Andrea Robertson bridges the divide between data and design on a daily basis. “Science has a bad reputation for being boring. But as we face so many tough challenges – climate change, environmental problems, social justice issues – we need better ways to talk about these increasingly complex ideas.”

My goal is to bring information to life.”


As the 2015 Election approaches and we all head to the polls, it is important to be reminded that in the information age, knowledge is power. Journalists, scientists, environmentalists, and ordinary citizens alike love what’s at the heart of a healthy democracy: the ability to scrutinize decisions made on their behalf and hold governments accountable. Nowhere is this more critical than the management of Canada’s natural resources.

We launched to shed light on fishing licence and forest tenure ownership, salmon harvests, cultural values, and more – promoting open dialogue through access to information.


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