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Analysis of protein structural parameters

A suite of software that links several biomolecule characterisation techniques.

Signal cross coupling method

A compact signal coupler that can be easily integrated into wider circuitry.

Enhanced oxygen sensing matrix

Fast-response optical device for the detection of oxygen in liquids and gases.

Sparse decomposition of arrays

Software that identifies the components of gene expression associated with genetic variation.

Raising the temperature of innovation

High frequency ultra-miniature total pressure probe that can be used in high-temperature environments.

A smart piece of equipment

A mouth guard which allows the wearer to monitor and track their performance and physical exertion on the field.

Inducible CRISPR-TR system

Genome editing platform that allows for spatiotemporal control of endogenous gene expression.

Localising mobile devices

New visual-intertial odometry algorithms that utilise a machine learning approach.

Precision displacement sensing

A low-frequency device to measure 3D displacement found in solid media, such as concrete or soil.

External temperature and humidity monitoring

Highly sensitive electrochemical oxygen sensor with a built-in voltammetric thermometer.