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There are only two weeks left until SAFETYconnect takes place at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Integrated into SAFETYconnect, the National Safety Conference will feature over 30 international and national speakers in the two-day, dual-stream conference program. The program includes two panel sessions with leading experts and regulators from across Australia. They will discuss how to integrate mental health in workplaces and how regulators are responding to changes in the nature of work and workplaces. Tickets are still available and can be purchased HERE. NSCA Foundation members receive up to $200 discount on tickets. We look forward to welcoming conference delegates, exhibitors and trade expo visitors.

Health impact of off‑hours email expectations

New research reveals that an 'always on' organisational culture can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of employees and their families. ...more

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Challenging the safety culture

Prof Andrew Hopkins' views on safety challenge current convention and have been developed, in part, through examination of a series of local and international catastrophic industrial accidents. ...more

Occupational violence in care facility

WorkSafe Victoria has filed charges following a series of incidents against a number of employees by a client at a residential care facility. ...more

Avoiding allergic reactions to safety gloves

Disposable glove use, regular glove changes and frequent handwashing can all have a significant negative impact on hand health. ...more

Government worker dies in vehicle rollover

A man has tragically died after being thrown from his vehicle on a private property in Victoria last week. ...more

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FSA/NSCA Safety Training

Book Enter Confined Space training to develop skills for entering a confined space and for maintaining and servicing of vessels. The training also helps in identification of changes in work conditions and in foreseeing possible new hazards in confined spaces. NSCA Foundation members receive up to 15% membership training discount. Visit https://training.nsca.org.au

Industry Guide

Managing Safety in the Body Repair Industry
Body Repairers Guide to Workplace Safety 2017/18 — Released. Find out more here.

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SAFETYconnect 2018

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