Moulin Rouge! was redeemed on ice. Baz Luhrmann felt his 2001 musical was well served by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, who used part of its soundtrack for their gold medal Olympic routine. The telecast provided permission for salacious couch commentary, even though the choreography was a sanitized version of an earlier routine in which Virtue’s thighs spent some time around Moir’s head during a lift. Even so, the ice dance rebooted the perennial incredulity about the fact that the Canadian pair aren’t a romantic couple. Others wondered why their style gets a pass amongst the puritanical:

Chevrolet sharing arrives in time for a fleet of Smart Fortwos to leave. Maven is the name of an app that has launched in Toronto with the aim of giving millennials the General Motors experience. The launch coincides with Car2go claiming to “re-examine” its local operations after city council voted to send its parking permit ambitions back for further study—a move that seems to be playing politics.

“The sex-ed curriculum should be about facts, not teaching Liberal ideology.” Doug Ford officially threw his lot in with Ontario PC social conservatives—which stands to make things more complicated for Caroline Mulroney. The announcement was made in a rather symbolic spot in the history of Ford Nation:

Peter Kent will never be letting go of “Peoplekind.” The tenacious Conservative critic of Trudeaupia 2.0 started Question Period by asking if the PM will distance himself from principal secretary Gerald Butts, who labelled critics of Trudeau's gender-neutral verbiage “Nazis.” Trudeau reacted by calling the rhetoric “straight out of Rebel magazine and Rebel webcasts.” Meanwhile, any federal effort to de-faken Facebook's feed was undermined by this popular new spin on an old conspiracy theory: "Cuba Claims Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Son."

Beyoncé’s waxworks can’t ever catch a break. Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks in Niagara Falls drew a social media stampede last year when a photo circulated of its attempt to immortalize Queen Bey. The controversy continued at Madame Tussauds in NYC (a different operation) which pulled its Beyoncé last summer for looking too white, and updated the statue with a replacement that was more orange. The initial version in Niagara Falls endured through last fall, but an apparently different version now appears in the lobby. A sighting of the new wax figure brought on a renewed wave of indignation:

The Zoomer wears a florid chest tattoo. Ever since Classical 96.3 changed hands in 2006, its most memorable marketing has centered on corporate chief Moses Znaimer, dressed in a symphony conductor tuxedo or soaking in a deep bubble bath. Now, the station is pretending to cater to millennials, and is taking dedications to your dog:

Believe it or not a former MuchMusic VJ is the new Greatest American Hero. Hannah Simone will follow six seasons as a sidekick on the sitcom New Girl with a lead role in an ABC remake of Greatest American Hero, an early-‘80s series that would probably be forgotten if not for George Costanza’s answering machine salute to its original theme song.

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The famous home run call of Blue Jays radio voice Jerry Howarth, who announced his retirement from the job after 36 years.

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