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Wine of the Weekend: Chivite Las Fieles Garnacha 2014

Chivite Las Fieles Garnacha 2014

Sometimes you may find wine a bit confusing, especially when different countries or even different regions within a country have different names for the same thing. For example, the red grape Malbec is also called Cot and Auxerrois in France. There is also a white wine grape called Auxerrois in France. France also has a region called Auxerre whose people are called Auxerrois… but they do not grow Malbec or Auxerrois. Today we tackle an easy one. The grape known as Grenache in France is called Garnacha in Spain and the Chivite family has harnessed it beautifully in Las Fieles Garnacha 2014.

Tasting Notes: Chivite Las Fieles is 100% Garnacha from the Navarra region of Spain.

Enjoy With: Ratatouille, meat stews, cured meats and cheeses or anything off the grill in a sticky, sweet sauce.

Style: Las Fieles (meaning “The Faithful”) shows an intense expression of raspberry, strawberry and cherry with touches of balsamic. Sensations of roundness, softness and freshness drive this medium-bodied wine.

Terroir/Region: Navarra is a very diverse wine region with mountains in the North and a near Mediterranean climate in the South. The Chivite winery lies in the cooler north where temperatures create fresh acidity to balance the fruit flavours of the Garnacha grape. Las Fieles wines are made to highlight a single grape and the specific flavours and terroir that is drawn from the Navarra region and those dedicated to growing it.

Producer: The Chivite family has been well established in the Spanish wine region of Navarra since the 1640s, with the 11th generation continuing the tradition of winemaking today. Now, since improvements in the late 1990s great enough to be recognized with an Order of Merit from the King of Spain, the Chivite family has raised the family standards higher than ever before.

Availability: Chivite Las Fieles Garnacha 2014 will be available for online ordering and in the Vintages section of your local LCBO on April 14, although some stores may have it on the shelf now.

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Price: $16.95

LCBO#: 543744

Size: 750mL

Alcoholic Content: 14.0% alc./vol.