Kensington Market got a funeral procession. “Requiem for Rental Housing” drew attention to some uncomfortable facts about Airbnb's involvement in Kensington: there were 138 active listings in April, 68 of which are owned by just 21 hosts, according to watchdog group Fairbnb. At least one new three-storey build appears to be a “ghost hotel"; another home is being hawked for sale as “Airbnb ready.” While the city continues to hash out regulations, Airbnb tourists might notice some new un-welcome signs in the neighbourhood—although they're unlikely to take it personally.

May Day brings a rent strike to Parkdale. MetCap, a major Parkdale landlord, is expected to receive a couple hundred fewer cheques today, as tenants protest the fact that their rent is being hiked substantially. Some suspect a scheme to oust lower-income renters. The company says it’s just following the law and expects tenants to do the same. But the rebellion effort is no doubt being watched elsewhere.

Senator Don Meredith co-authored an Orwellian book for kids, technically speaking. A few new harassment and sexual abuse allegations have surfaced about the Red Chamber’s most embattled member, who’s waiting on the result of an ethics probe. (Meredith didn't respond to HuffPost Canada regarding the claims.) Meanwhile, the entire Senate is credited as the author of a children's allegory that uses anthropomorphic animals to glorify the Canadian democratic process:

“I made a mistake in describing my role.” Defence minister Harjit Sajjan retracted his claim that he was the “architect” of Operation Medusa in Afghanistan, saying that he “made a mistake” during a speech in India—even though he made a similar comment two years ago on a podcast. Sajjan defenders point to the fact that he didn't get those medals for nothing.

Chocolate chip discontinuation has left Dad's cookies fans feeling dunked. A nine-month-old Facebook thread asking Mondelēz International why the chocolate chip cookies could no longer be easily found in Canada culminated in CBC News calling the cookies “iconic.” The company confessed they just weren’t selling much of them anymore. Susan Armstrong of Langley, B.C., who led the charge in trying to get media attention for this outrage, considers the demise of the brand an insult to her generation. At least one other person was willing to present herself as being similarly bereft over this:

Lawrence Gowan is Scarborough’s last prog rocker standing. The Onion recently reported that synth soloists will require more healthcare in their golden years. But one group is still looking limber. Styx is about to release The Mission, an album about the first manned voyage to Mars via a nuclear-powered spaceship in 2033. One of Gowan's old hometown pals endorsed it via the White House:

Jon Kaplan dead at 69. Now Magazine’s theatre critic from its start in 1981, who wrote his final review two weeks before dying of cancer, is credited with boosting the careers of many. Kaplan’s career was recapped in a recent interview with Intermission.

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New York City's official tourism organization has crossed the border to encourage visits, which it acknowledges have declined in the past 100 days and change.

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