The 3nd TYPO Labs Conference will be held in Berlin, April 6–8, 2018. TYPO Labs is an immersive type technology summit featuring talks, industry discussion panels, classrooms, peer learning and countless networking opportunities. The conference brings together leading engineers and practitioners from the font industry, OS developers and academics.
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  TYPO Labs 2018  

TYPO Labs is growing and so is our workshop’s offer!

FontLab VI: Variations Extended, with Adam Twardoch and Yuri Yarmola

TYPO Labs Workshops

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Hinting Variable fonts in Visual TrueType (VTT) with Mike Duggan - Microsoft

Variable fonts in Glyphs, with Miriam Surányi, Georg Seifert and Rainer E. Scheichelbauer

Responsive Type & Typography: A Primer on Variable fonts and Modern Digital Typography, with Jason Pamental

... and the offer doesn’t finish here!

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