Kathleen Wynne clearly isn't talking about Andrea Horwath. The premier is giving her campaign one last reboot by urging Liberal supporters to vote against the other two parties. But there's only one rival party leader that she'll mention by name:

“Ontario voters should back NDP to stop Doug Ford.” The Toronto Star editorial board wrote off the PC party. Meanwhile, the the Toronto Sun made its inevitable Doug Ford endorsement, while the National Post conceded that the choice of Doug Ford is “clear, if less than ideal.” And the Globe and Mail chastised the PCs for lacking a costed platform.

Canada’s Wonderland teenager scolded for election sign abuse. Thornhill MPP Gila Martow hopes that an amusement park staffer will learn his lesson after punching and removing one of her signs. Wonderland suspended him, pending an investigation, based on a display of vandalism shared via Snapchat with a visible name tag:

Sidewalk Labs debunks uncertainty in the air. Waterfront Toronto chair Helen Burstyn told the Toronto Star that working with Alphabet on the Quayside district isn’t necessarily a sure thing. Meanwhile, their Google largesse is allowing a dozen young interns to travel to other global waterfronts on the company dime. Sidewalk Toronto will also open 307 Lake Shore East, a former fish processing plant, as the official workspace for the proposed venture.

Adweek plays to a new creative vanity in this town. The magazine writes about Toronto's artificial intelligence industry, and the city also forms the basis of one of those ego-stroking influencer lists. On the cover is La Mar Taylor, former Birchmount Collegiate classmate of the Weeknd, whose early album designs (made on OCAD computers he snuck in to use) have evolved into plans for a creative incubator known as Hxouse:

Bill Clinton’s book tour hasn’t been cancelled yet. Reaction to a tense Today show interview, in which the ex-president said he doesn't owe an apology to Monica Lewinsky, could change up promotional plans for the book he ghostwrote with James Patterson. For now, Clinton's visit is still on, sponsored by the local newspaper most likely to deplore a personality who has merited a #MeToo:

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Stephen Harper has announced this book, to be published October 16, subtitled Politics and Leadership in the Age of Disruption.

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