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TeleSmart Communications: Inside Sales 2.0 Trend Talk
  April 28, 2011  
Vote for Me- Pleeeeeeeze

I would like to ask you for a big favor . . . I hope you’ll say yes!

The AA-ISP is holding their annual recognition awards in two weeks and I would like to ask for your vote. Last year, I was lucky to be voted among the Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals, and I’d like to hold on to my crown for another year. I would like to ask for your support in two areas:

The Innovators Award: Josiane Feigon
• The Service Provider Award: TeleSmart Communications


Here are 10 good reasons why I believe I deserve your vote in 2011:

1. My productivity coaching catapults inside sales team members to a new level of phone and online sales excellence, in just a few short sessions. Their sales mojo comes back as they quickly carve out new opportunities.

2. Managers, Directors, VPs of Sales and CEOs of fast-growing companies consider me part of their inside sales family. They rely on my inside sales insight and knowledge to educate them on where the business is going and what transforming trends they can expect to see in 2011.

3. “Call metrics” is the new hot topic, and I’m all over it. I participate in call metrics discussions in theInside Sales Management 2.0 Roundtable and also blog about it.

4. My 2-day training program is still the only inside sales methodology exclusively designed for a sophisticated sales 2.0 landscape. It’s still the only one of its kind, moves the needle, and has life well beyond the 2 days.

5. My Cubicle Chronicles Blog is still true to its roots and continues to address topics the inside sales warriors struggle with each day.

6. I am always invited to speak at conferences. This year, the Autodesk partner conference drew a crowd of 300 resellers.

7. I answer questions as a thought leader onLinkdIn groups and AA-ISP Ask an Expert and Focus experts.

8. My book Smart Selling on the Phone and Online continues to be the sourcebook for inside sales and has been translated into five languages with Kindle and audio sales

9. I always find time to mentor, advise and unconditionally promote talent in the field —we need lots of smarties around!

10. My loyal clients gladly share happy customer testimonials.

The deadline for your vote is April 30th — please hurry. And thanks for supporting me!



Josiane Feigon

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