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All systems go!

We have received the news we have been waiting for from the Department for Education: The Secretary of State has agreed to enter into a Funding Agreement with Bellevue Place Education Trust for Braywick Court School.

We are all absolutely thrilled as this legal document is the Government’s commitment that we will open and is one of the final stages in the process towards opening a free school. It is also a clear sign that the Department for Education is happy that we are in a strong position to deliver a high-quality education to the children of the local community.

It also means that we are able to make formal offers to pupils and accelerate the procurement of everything we need to open in September.

Of course, there’s lots more to do. We still have to complete a Readiness to Open Meeting and a pre-opening inspection by Ofsted to name but two. However, we will face these challenges with the legal endorsement of the Funding Agreement.

We couldn’t have got this far without fantastic support from the DfE, EFA, the wider community and especially the parents who have applied for places at the school – THANK YOU!

Accept your place by 21st May

Accept your place by 21st May

If you have been offered a Reception place for your child at Braywick Court School, you have until Wednesday 21st May to notify RBWM of your decision.

Please email school.admissions@rbwm.gov.uk stating clearly that you would like to accept your place at Braywick Court School and decline your backup place.

If you have any questions before making your final decision or would like to book an appointment to meet the Headteacher, please do not hesitate to contact Gemma Donnelly at head@braywickcourtschool.org.uk.

Join our waiting list

Join our waiting list

We currently have a small number of Reception places available for this September and we have enjoyed meeting parents interested in joining our waiting list over the last few weeks.

To apply for one of these last few remaining places, please contact the RBWM admissions team on 01628 683870.

Places will be allocated by RBWM from 2nd June, in accordance with our Admissions Policy.

View our Admissions Policy

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Storytime & Rhymes every Friday from 6th June

Join us at Storytime & Rhymes from Friday 6th June

We look forward to seeing you there!

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