TTC fare enforcement is looking less fair. Three former officers were sentenced to weekend jail time for writing fake tickets to make it look like they weren't skipping work. Now, transit cop conduct is under a different kind of scrutiny after video surfaced that appears to show some fare inspectors pinning down a black teenager. The city is now investigating:

Union Station’s renovation will be finished one of these days, maybe. The latest in what Sue-Ann Levy describes as “city hall’s project from hell” is another $14 million added to its budget, earmarked for lawyers, architects and contractors. (It seems like we'll at least have some swank retail to show for it.) The work was supposed to be done two years ago.

Justin Trudeau’s Indian vacation deserves branding by National Lampoon. From a distance, the PM and his family playing Bollywood dress-up looks perfectly on-brand. On closer inspection, a convicted attempted murderer was invited to dine with the Canadian delegation, after Trudeau was evidently snubbed by Indian politicians during what’s been called “a slow-moving train wreck.” But all the awkwardness brings on new international hilarity:

Fake News games can't be won by the government. Briefing notes prepared for heritage minister Mélanie Joly conclude there's not much she can do about misinformation spreading online. The news media lobby claims the cure requires funding for journalism—but it seems like Ottawa remains more interested in making friends with Facebook. Joly has also stepped into a different informational dispute: Hockey Canada telling a Winter Olympics announcer not to use French pronunciations for surnames Roy and Bourque, at least when the players in question don’t use them, either.

Kathleen Wynne can’t possibly beat the Patrick Brown re-run show. Now that the former Ontario PC leader has been given the go-ahead to seek his old job all over again—amidst chatter about his dating choices, the ethics of reporting on allegations, and some dizzying spin from his communications director—who'd want to care about anything else at Queen’s Park? The latest solution from the premier’s office: talking to an American media outlet in the hopes that the headline will get a social media skim.

Pitbull knows where the real money is now. The attention paid to last year’s Real Estate Wealth Expo, headlined by life coach Tony Robbins, led to the conclusion that Toronto had reached the height of its property sales hysteria. Well, not so fast: the party rapper will return for another round, alongside a pair of considerably more famous alpha males:

Sonja Bata dead at 91. Born in Switzerland, the wife of late footwear heir Thomas Bata built a colllection of 1,500 unique pairs of shoes, which eventually became the foundation of the Bata Shoe Museum. (The former Bata corporate headquarters in Don Mills, which had its own enthusiasts, was demolished to make way for the Aga Khan Museum.)

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A report from the Brazil Journal claimed that the chain is close to being bought up by Restaurant Brands International, the owner of Tim Hortons and Burger King.

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