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71st Bunbury and Return Ocean Race

Results and Photos

A beautiful start was held off Port Beach in North Fremantle. 

Yachts sailed past the flotilla of power yachts which included the classics Avonita, Winnilya, Spray and Hiawatha. Lady Cooinda hosted our race special guests. 

There were many vessels out on the water to see off the fleet. 

Three vintage planes joined in overhead to watch the start of the race and added to the amazing atmosphere. Especially as they buzzed past when the race began. 

As the fleet raced to the day buoy, spectator boats followed and saw them off in to the sunset. Yachts raced west to a beacon near Rottnest Island before turning south for Bunbury. 

It was a slow going race but interesting for the teams to be close together and paying attention to their race tactics. 

There are many interesting tales and a full race wrap up will be out soon. 

For the moment, check out the images, replay the race using YB Tracking and view the social media posts to get a taste of the action..............or not so much action. 

First yacht to finish was Dirty Deeds, the slowest fastest time in 29 years!


On your mobile device using the YB Races app and on the website. Use the YB Tracking app on your smartphone or tablet. Free to view, just add the race 'Bunbury and Return 2019'.

Or use this link on your computer - http://yb.tl/bunret2019

Then simply use the rewind scroll at the bottom of the screen to view the race again. 

One year on, a great outcome for the 71st Bunbury and Return Ocean Race. The S&S 34 Huckleberry with crew Phil, Cameron, Ray, Jed and Bill won overall on IRC corrected time combined fleet. 

CLICK HERE to view the full race results. 

CLICK HERE to view the RFBYC Facebook page photo album.


There are plenty of posts from during the race on the RFBYC social media and individual pages for the teams. 

Click the social media feature using YB Tracking to view posts and images as the race progressed. 

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If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact Susan Ghent in the Yachting Operations Office.

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Please follow this link to go to the 71st Bunbury and Return Ocean Race website.