Today, we bring you 12:36's first look back at 2016. Here, five memorable columnist Twitter tales.

The Scrawler explains it all—except when he's too confused. Whether it’s praising conspiracy theorists or sharing thoughts that defy words, Joe Warmington has proven himself the Toronto Sun’s true digital guru this year. Save perhaps for this one time:

“Do you even care about her?” Warmington asked Rosie DiManno this during his pursuit of supposed secrets surrounding the suicide of Toronto Star reporter Raveena Aulakh. The exchange escalated to the point of DiManno extending this invitation:

The columnist who never really quit Twitter. Paul Wells deactivated his account in response to rumors that Twitter had censored a Turkish journalist, which turned out not to be true. Now, Wells just responds to tweets on Facebook:

“Manthreading” master sticks up for his habit. Jeet Heer couldn’t resist a 16-point Twitter essay heralding a column in which he defends the increasingly derided practice of tweeting multi-part rants. The New Republic pundit traces his obsession with Twitter essays to to Rob Ford. Heer has since used the form to tackle other important topics:

The absolute greatest Toronto media tweet of 2016. Damien Cox deleted this misdirected direct message soon after posting it. Then he locked his feed. We never found out what it was all about.

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