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New York City, June 5th, 2013


To Photo Editors, Food Photographers, Stylists and Chef/Authors:

FOOD FRIENDLY NYC™ is your online tabletop props rental!

Surface Studio is very pleased to announce the expansion of its well-known services as the premier resource for advertising photography surfaces and set pieces.

This month we have launched Food Friendly NYC™, offering the same ease and simplicity of propping, right from your desk, for an editorial or cookbook shoot.

The fully online accessible inventory is dedicated to the food photography industry.  Each item has been photographed, catalogued and priced for online viewing and subsequent rental.

Food Friendly NYC™ is a concisely curated selection of plates, napkins, flatware, glassware, pitchers, bowls, platters, cups and mugs and surfaces.

We have a simple pricing structure – flatware, glassware and napkins are $5 per item.  Plateware is $1 an inch (8” plate = $8).

Our backgrounds are custom made for food in sizes and at prices tailored to the needs of the food photography industry.

Online rental is easy.  Create a worksheet, email it to us, we call you with confirmation, wrap your order and you pick