Patrick Brown puts on his engaged face. The premier that never was is officially trying to become the first elected chair of Peel Region. Brown was accompanied by his fiancée, Genevieve Gualtieri, as he registered to run, effectively confirming that all his recent party-crasher selfies were rehearsals for this chance at political rebranding:

“We want to recognize the realities of the world kids are growing up in, but also include the parents.” MPP Sam Oosterhoff, the new parliamentary secretary for education minister Lisa Thompson, has thoughts about ripping up the current sex-ed curriculum. Oost's suitability for the role is being questioned by people flummoxed by the rapid rise of the homeschooled 20-year-old.

Blazing a trail beyond concert tickets. The Tragically Hip's final tour spurred a law to cap the prices of secondhand tickets. Now, the Ontario government has suspended those new rules. Meanwhile, the surviving members of the Hip are busy with their roles at Up Cannabis, whose strains are named after Hip songs, heralding this new era of rock stars asserting enthusiasm for legal weed:

The biggest election loser is back. Jack Weenen was a 19-year-old in 2014 when he ran for mayor of Toronto and finished last in a field of 65. A postmortem interview revealed his determination to keep plugging away until until he’s taken seriously. And now Weenen has officially joined the list of fringe candidates running against John Tory.

Globe and Mail returns to where it used to be. Demolition of the newspaper building at 444 Front West was easy, because it was an undistinguished pile of bricks. Plans for turning the space into The Well include a food hall that's being touted as like St. Lawrence Market “but modern and on steroids.”

Vanity Fair takes on tracking Bruce McArthur. A Leaside property where the accused killer worked as a landscaper is undergoing another search after the remains of seven men were found there. VF's version of the story so far has some striking illustrations:

Denis Akiyama dead at 66. The actor was known for his roles in two made-in-Toronto turkeys: he played the laser-whip wielding Yakuza villain in 1995’s Johnny Mnemonic, and he appeared in 2015’s Pixels as Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani. Akiyama’s voice was also a fixture in cartoons. He played the villian Malachite in Sailor Moon.

Word of the moment

La Pocatière

The location of Bombardier’s plant in Quebec, where 67 of the new TTC streetcars will be sent in order to fix a welding defect.

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