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Well, March is nearly gone like a lion, but will it go out like a lamb?  Have no fear, regardless of the number of inches of snowfall you might be getting this winter (last week as well, so we hear) our sunny climes still average 80 temps and our staff is eager to host you.  If the weather doesn’t tempt you, how about experiencing Pine Cay through the eyes of our "first guest" or via a  virtual video postcard? Or maybe we can "lure" you in as you learn more about our fantastic bonefishing charters?  Check it all out here.

Beverly and Wally
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The First Guest on Pine Cay

Pine Cay

Imagine stumbling across a tiny, uninhabited, windswept island in the Turks and Caicos archipelago.  Then imagine envisioning that it could become the perfect destination for a resort unlike any other.  That's how Court Ferdinand Czernin, Pine Cay's official "first guest", dreamed paradise should be experienced.

Learn more about this pioneering man and his quest to carve out a perfectly isolated and pristine piece of the Caribbean for generations of guests to enjoy.

The Meridian Club Today

Meridian Club | Virtual Postcard

The old adage, “the more things change, the more they stay the same” is somewhat re-interpreted at The Meridian Club, on Pine Cay.  The way we see it, the more things change and shift and reorganize around the world, the more you can rely on the sands of time barely shifting at our private island retreat.

From the time of Count Czernin to today - with the exception of the eco-sensitive development and operation of The Meridian Club and the homeowners’ residences - there has been a heightened focus on not changing a single thing about what makes this island so special.

From our choice of silent, battery-operated golf carts, to our shunning of modern amenities such as air conditioning, we continue to honour, preserve, and replenish our island sanctuary.  What’s more – the more we stay the same, the better our guests seem to like it. 

Sidewalks will always be the last thing you will see at The Meridian Club... Click here to see how this applies to our private island getaway in the Turks & Caicos...