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Hello again to our Australian and international readers! In this edition, our colleague Kim Waldock (formerly Director of Learning and Engagement at the Sydney Symphony) tells of her current role as General Manager of Learning and Participation at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Inheriting a much larger budget and team, Kim gives us a fascinating insight into how things are done differently – and the same – on the other side of the world.

This month we feature the Canberra Symphony Orchestra and its exciting Australian Series, presented at the National Portrait Gallery. Along with other major orchestras in Australia and New Zealand, CSO is an Associate orchestra of Symphony Services International.

And finally, our LA-based colleague Gordon Williams has collated another Speed Read with some timely and interesting stories from around the globe.

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Kate Lidbetter
Chief Executive Officer

Kim Waldock and the Royal Opera House

Kim Waldock talks about the last two years as General Manager of the Learning and Participation team at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Read about her experiences.

The Canberra Symphony Orchestra’s Australian Series

As orchestra of the nation’s capital, the Canberra Symphony Orchestra has become incubator and steward for new and old Australian music. This has manifested as the Australian Series, an amalgamation of visual art and music. Learn more.

Speed Read

It seems that there are new musical forms and outlets all the time.

Meanwhile Stephen Hough has some ideas on how to ‘save’ classical music.

And amidst talk of ‘saving’, there are organisations finding different results.

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