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Fuzion Alta Torrontes Pinot Grigio 2019

Refreshment is all the rage as we start to think of ways to stay cool this summer. Build a pool, or maybe just get a kiddie pool that fits the balcony. Crank up the A/C, or set up an elaborate system of fans, or both. Our favourite is a splash of cold water on the face and a splash of chilled wine onto the palate! This weekend’s thirst quencher is the Fuzion Alta Torrontes Pinot Grigio: a fruity white that’s big on refreshment. Kick it up a notch and make wine popsicles? We’ll leave it to you to experiment.

Tasting Notes: The 2019 Fuzion Alta Torrontes Pinot Grigio is a blend of – you guessed it, Torrontes and Pinot Grigio. The Torrontes grape brings ripe, sweet fruit aromas and floral notes, but the resulting wine is dry and fruity with crisp acidity. The Pinot Grigio adds an easy-drinking nature and bright yellow citrus notes. Together, these grapes bring juicy fruit flavours in a dry style with a lingering finish.

Enjoy With: Cheese and veggie appetizers, ceviche and other seafood dishes, light poultry dishes, and Indian or Thai coconut curries.

Style: An extra dry, light-bodied, refreshing white wine.

Terroir/Region: Argentina lies on the Eastern side of the Andes Mountains in South America and those mountains are what helps create the near-ideal growing conditions in Mendoza, the region Fuzion hails from. As moist air comes inland off the Pacific Ocean, it rises up the western side of the Andes to form rain which falls on Chile, Argentina’s western neighbour. From Fuzion’s vineyards all you see is a line of clouds over the mountains, leaving Mendoza sunny and dry, and perfect for grapes!

Producer: The team at Fuzion focuses on making wines which over-deliver for their price, and through alliances with local growers, they have found great fruit from all over Mendoza. From there, the winemaking team closely monitors production to make Fuzion’s flavours as consistent as possible from year to year, with great success looking at their track record!

Availability: Fuzion Alta Torrontes Pinot Grigio 2019 is available in the Argentina section of your local LCBO and is $2 off until June 21! Summer is going to be a scorcher, so stock up!


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Price: $10.00 Was $12.00 Save $2.00 until June 21, 2020

LCBO#: 168419

Size: 750mL

Alcohol Content: 13.5% alc./vol.