Doug Ford’s shadow mayoral campaign kicks off with a splash. Ford Fest was all about the expected announcement. The event was attended by so many supporters that one fell into the shallow end of the Ford family swimming pool, only to be rescued by the boyfriend of one of Doug’s daughters, who might’ve sacrificed his smartphone to make the save. Ford’s erstwhile council pals were there, plus at least one guest who could widen DoFo's tent:

The twin trials of Ontario Liberals. The criminal trial begins for the two Dalton McGuinty aides accused of deleting hard drives linked to gas plant cancellations. At the same time, the Sudbury byelection trial continues, with Kathleen Wynne expected to take the stand on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the premier enlisted former TD Bank chief Ed Clark to try and bring Amazon’s “HQ2” to the province, even if an expert on the company thinks a bid from here stands next to no chance.

“What do we believe in? Love and courage.” Jagmeet Singh seems more likely to win the NDP leadership race after international attention for how he handled an anti-Muslim heckler in Brampton. (The clip is being touted as "the viral video Canada needed.") Jennifer Bush, who confronted Singh, isn’t hiding from the perception that she was acting irrationally. She shot a video to provide her side:

Bogus law degree from the “University of Renfrew” tricked a few firms. Inayat Kassam bought some genuine-looking transcripts—then asked to be paid in cash for work he wasn't qualified to do. (Diploma mills selling similar fake accreditations for cheap aren’t hard to find.) Kassam was found guilty earlier this year of fraud and forgery, and is now pursuing a case against CBC News for reporting on all the charges against him. He's also appealing his conviction.

George Clooney seduces elderly fans and foes at TIFF. “Your Nonna found George and told him he wasn’t eating enough,” was the caption on an official photo of him walking the red carpet for Suburbicon, his widely panned directorial effort. But it wouldn’t be Clooney if he didn’t use the fest to express his views that “Houston is Syria,” and that Steve Bannon is a “failed fucking screenwriter.” He also manged to lure this Trump-loving protester:

'YO! Bum rush this show. When we last considered the front page of Postmedia’s transit daily, 24 Hours, it was for using stock photos of injured British soldiers to represent Canadian ones. But another cover attracted notice over the weekend for its unusual apostrophe before the word "yo!" Never mind that the interjection originated in Middle English, serves as a pronoun in Spanish, and was popularized by Sylvester Stallone—those kind of factoids can never go viral on Twitter.

Shoppers Drug Mart’s self-checkouts are losing the vocal fry. After being likened to the stylings of the daughters of Kris Kardashian, the kiosks will soon get new voice work “using Canadian talent.”

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The industrial bakery where a temp agency worker died in an accident on the job is the subject of a Toronto Star investigation into what it's like to work there.

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