How healthy forests ensure healthy economies.

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Ecotrust Canada

Well Rooted


At Ecotrust Canada, we equip communities with the tools they need to chart a prosperous future—one that offers their citizens steady long term employment while protecting the things they value most. Think clean water and air, and healthy forests.

We call this intersection of communities, values, and business the “conservation economy.”

Unlike the traditional business-as-usual approach, which doesn’t account for a wide range of societal and environmental costs, a conservation economy places social, economic, and ecological objectives on an equal footing.

In resource-rich British Columbia, that can mean enabling forestry practices that protect ecosystems and honour indigenous rights and title while ensuring steady livelihoods for generations to come.

In our newest blog, we introduce a pair of forest managers who are either using or pursuing the Forest Stewardship Council certification managed by Ecotrust Canada. FSC® is the most rigorous standard of its kind in the world.


Meet Our Team


Registered professional forester Satnam Manhas manages the FSC® BC Small and Low Intensity Managed Forests Operations Standard under Ecotrust Canada’s Forest and Ecosystem Services program.


In addition, more than 35 companies operate under the umbrella of Ecotrust Canada’s FSC® Chain of Custody group. Economic Development Project Manager Racheal Weymer leads that program.


No Cookie-Cutter Solutions

The FSC® program is just one of many tools that Ecotrust Canada either develops from scratch or makes available to communities and the people who live in them.

There is nothing cookie-cutter about our work; it takes real effort to sit down with stakeholders and hammer out bold new strategies. But it pays off. For example, in the last 12 months, we have:

  • Finalized a forest-carbon sequestration project in Cheakamus, B.C.

  • Enhanced accountability in an industrially tenured forest in northern Ontario by putting indigenous Guardians on the land.

  • Installed electronic monitoring equipment and services on fishing fleets in Maine and Washington, supporting stock management while enhancing accountability.

  • Established service and support programs to help marginalized people build resilience in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

When you invest in Ecotrust Canada, you invest in Satnam, Racheal, and a team of innovators that is delivering real results on the ground.

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