Doug Ford gets schooled back. The premier quietly met with Jordan Peterson last fall. Now, CBC News wonders if their chat was about abolishing Ontario’s human rights commission. Meanwhile, a credit card controversy at Ryerson, reported by the student-funded Eyeopener, was wielded by DoFo as proof of wasted student fees. A deeper dig turned up a photo of an implicated Ryerson Students’ Union executive standing with Ford and Peterson:

Citizen Lab ensnared in scenes out of Spy vs. Spy. The comic strips from Mad Magazine are an apt comparison to the story of U of T-based researchers who were targeted by international undercover operatives after reporting that Israeli software was used to spy on Jamal Khashoggi. When Citizen Lab staff were invited to fancy meetings, they discovered the solicitations came from made-up entities.

Kim Campbell won’t keep her fingers off the Twitter. Perhaps in defiance of criticism for having called Donald Trump a motherfucker, the 19th prime minister remains addicted to the app. Her retweets included one in which deputy Conservative leader Lisa Raitt was called “so unbelievably full of shit.” Raitt called this uncouth, considering Campbell’s official duties. And so, the tedious show never stops:

“Despite being a challenging time, it has been a period of immense personal growth…” Brampton East MP Raj Grewal explained on Facebook that he has paid back his gambling debts and loans and decided to keep his job despite resigning from the Liberal party. But another former Liberal MP, John McCallum, ultimately “misspoke” his way out of the job as Canada’s ambassador to China.

Amazon’s world is one in which a writer can be tricked into a counterfeit Canada Goose. The personal affairs of Jeff Bezos have brought on more attention to his company—like the lack of clarity about where third-party sellers originate from:

Cranky columnist transforms into Tom Cruise jumping all over Oprah’s sofa. The heroes of the Thai cave rescue,” a Maclean’s feature by global affairs writer Shannon Gormley, received over 400 extra retweets thanks to this smitten admirer:

Newspaper veterans suddenly supervising spin. Toronto Star sports columnist Richard Griffin is off to work for the Blue Jays as director of baseball media—a return to the kind of job he did for the Montreal Expos from 1978 to 1985. And overseeing the Toronto Sun’s support of the Ontario PCs worked out so well for editorial VP James Wallace that he’s now Doug Ford’s deputy chief of staff and policy.

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