Netflix weighs in on Ontario’s education system. Little thought was ever given to the four straight-to-DVD sequels to American Pie, in which Eugene Levy was the last original character standing. But they might be browsed now, given the reaction to this:

Getting rid of the “six-million-dollar man” scuttled a deal worth $6.7 billion. Hydro One was denied a takeover of Avista by Washington state regulators concerned about political meddling. Add this to the list of eye-rolls generated by Doug Ford.

Half the city councillors vote to get twice the staffing budget. The first big decision under the 25-ward system: increasing councillors’ maximum office expenditures to $482,000, up from $241,000 when there were 44 wards. But look at the empty seats:

Blacklock’s Reporter gets Toronto Star-busting action. Torstar’s recent acquisition of iPolitics looks to be creating some complicated scenarios. Competing outlet Blacklock’s complained about a federal agency giving a sole-sourced $355,950 to iPolitics, and got it cancelled by the ombudsman. (Torstar has continued to proclaim that federal subsidies will be required to sustain its journalism.)

Living our national nightmare of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” CBC rushed to delete the song from its digital music streams in the wake of private radio condemnation—but it hasn't been removed as promptly as promised, and local CBC stations may still air it. Meanwhile, the stuff of satirical National Post headlines from 2004 is our reality of 2018:

You take the good, you take the bad, etc. Bell Media has launched a free streaming video bargain bin, with commercial breaks. CTV Throwback curiously contains none of the classic shows made by CTV, tapes of which were mostly thrown away. But, at the end of the day, there’s Tootie and Blair:

Creeping gains at the left of the dial. The latest Toronto radio ratings from Numeris show AM 640’s rebranding as Global News Radio is helping it to edge past Newstalk 1010 in the 25-54 demographic. Those stats also have Indie88 beating 102.1 the Edge—which will soon try yet another new morning show, this one featuring a sister-and-brother duo.

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