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Easter Greetings from Rev. Lori

For centuries, Christians have practiced the tradition of greeting each other with, "He is risen!" "He is risen indeed!" Particularly in the season of Easter, we proclaim the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and seek to live in the light of His grace. At The Baby Fold, we bring the same hope and healing to our children and families. In ever widening circles, the emphasis on the spiritual care of our kids and families is growing. What a privilege to watch The Baby Fold live out the love of Christ in its day to day work. Lives are being transformed by the power of such love and compassion. When I witness the ministry of The Baby Fold, I know, "He is risen indeed!"

Adoption Support Services are a "God Send"

Adoptive mother, Janet recently commented, “Liz is a God send!” Baby Fold Adoption Support Therapists, like Liz Fultz, are bringing relief, education, and hope to adoptive families all over central Illinois. Janet describes the many challenges that adoptive families face such as supporting siblings who are preparing to share their parents, home, toys, and attention, and the adoptive child who is experiencing a new family culture with new traditions. In addition, adolescence itself can be a complicated season. What is normal teen-age rebellion and what is lack of connection? These concerning issues are addressed when a Baby Fold therapist engages a family and watches for attachment or trauma issues. She teaches the family ways to connect, learn, and grow together. Janet appreciates how “Liz meets us where we are in every way: emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We are so grateful that she comes to our home and works with the whole family to help us navigate through the unpredictable storms of life.”

Staying on Top for Students

To stay on the cutting edge of child welfare, The Baby Fold invests in the education and training of its staff. Equipping them with the latest, evidence-based practices make it possible for staff to provide the very best care for our children and families. For example, we have trained our Hammitt School staff in "Conscious Discipline", created by Dr. Becky Bailey. Hammitt Elementary Academic Director Melody Donnelly explains this powerful process, “The goal is to give each student what he or she needs in the moment through connection with the teacher. When a student is struggling, frustrated, and misbehaving, the first step to intervening is to make sure that I am calm. I slow down my reaction and breathe. When I'm in control of myself, the child can feel safe and can “plug in” to my sense of wellness. There are safe zones in each classroom, as well as sensory equipment that students can access for a few minutes when they feel overwhelmed.” When we regularly implement Conscious Discipline practices, chaotic moments become teachable moments. Increasing self-control and connection with others means our students gain academic success and skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

From March Madness to April Gladness

Spring has sprung! Nature is beginning its season of renewal and growth. Not unlike the flowers yearning for and growing towards the light, the children of The Baby Fold desire that same renewal. Through each of our 12 programs, The Baby Fold guides children to live strong and healthy lives, filled with love and courage. To partner with The Baby Fold in helping children grow into their very best selves, please click here. With your help, we can make springtime their best season yet!

Focus on Success

Students who practice mind and body focus are improving their behavior and learning! Tiffany Mikhail-Wright is leading a new program at Hammitt Junior-Senior High School that compliments our traditional adaptive physical education classes. She helps students who are on the autism spectrum or have experienced trauma to calm their agitated bodies and minds by combining movement with mindfulness. "Toby" is a student of Tiffany's who has difficulty expressing himself and controlling his temper. Through the use of new techniques, he is now able to catch himself, properly regulate his emotion, and is becoming more socially engaged with his peers. The time Toby and his classmates are taking to focus on mindfulness and breathing is proving to be a valuable tool for success!